Thursday, October 16, 2014

`Some finishes and some wonderful mail

Since I haven't shown many finishes lately I will start off with two small finishes . First off I had bought this pattern last year with great intentions to make it before Halloween but alas all my plans fell through  but better late than never I suppose . I'd like you to meet Miss Froggy :-)

The name of this little frog pattern is Spell Gone Bad and is from Bloomin Minds . Next I decided  this kit had sat on my shelf long enough and  that it was time to stitch it up and I am happy to have it completed .
This is an Applepatch design and can you guess the name , haha yep it is Apples . A fun little pattern to make . 
 Now for the fun part , my yummy mail . As you know I have been having a postcard exchange here on my blog and I do hope that everyone has mailed off their postcards by now if not please do so as soon as possible , I know we all have things in life that can slow us down for various reasons so if you are late please let your partner know . Thanks . Anyway back to the business at hand , I had two partners in this swap , Susan who sent me the owl which you can read about here and Eglea whose lovely card arrived this week . 

Isn't it stunning , a tree with lots of leaves falling , just perfect for fall , Eglea is so clever , I just love how she has done the leaves as well as the tree and the ground below the tree , hey I love everything about it . Thanks so much Eglea !!Here is the postcard I sent to her . 
 I borrowed this photo from Eglea's blog since the photo I have is different , I added some different elements to it before sending it off .  Incase you don't recognize it , this is my interpretation of my header , the blueberry fields in Glencoe . Thanks so much Eglea for swapping with me , it has indeed been a pleasure . 
 Before I go I must share a photo of more blueberry fields that I took on the weekend . 

and this one that shows part of the field has changed but still some green poking through .
This looked like a flower garden to me , love it !! Now how about some water to calm your soul .
I am thrilled with this photo that the ripples are showing up so well and I was just using my little point and shoot Canon camera , got to love that camera . 
 Enjoy your day , you won't get this one again so make the most of it doing something you love . Thanks for stopping by I love to have your visits .
 hugs Sheila 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall in Nova Scotia

 I thought I would share a few pictures of fall around here , it has been a wonderful fall so far , the weather has been great and has been fairly mild for this time of year . It does cool down at night so the colours are just glorious .

 I took this photo of the blueberry fields in Glencoe , I am always amazed at the colour and I  took a few photos but this one I liked the best , you have the shadows of large trees that are too the left which gives the field a purple glow .
Another common sight along the roadways these days , can anyone tell me what they are ? 
I love the cattails in the ditches too :-)
And I love how the marshes turn a golden color ,so pretty .
a nice contrast of colour here .
I wanted to go down closer to these ferns but the bank was too steep .
Here are some a little closer to the road , don't you love the colour .
Park's Falls in the fall , the water levels are way down but it was still lovely to see and although you can't hear the roar it was definitely present .
Some pretty maples 

A peaceful country road .
A lovely old barn that has stood the test of time .

 Still lots of changes to be made here . 
Well I hope you enjoyed your countryside visit to my neighborhood , thanks for stopping by today and enjoy your day .
 Hugs Sheila 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mahone Bay quilt show

On Friday I set off with three other friends to the small quaint town of Mahone Bay , a 2.5 hr. drive at least . We did take a break on the way so it didn't seem that far and the fall colours were a delight to see . I was thrilled to attend this show , it had been many years since I had been there and I had only ever attended this show once before .  Another talented group of quilters , I won't keep you in suspense any longer here are some highlights from the show , too many quilts to get pictures of all of them .
As you entered the show the ladies were selling tickets on this log cabin quilt , always classic and always a joy to see .

These two were part of a challenge , the one on the left is titled " Under the sea" and on the right " Morning has broken"
                                                            A lovely beach scene ...
                                                            An art quilt.
                                                 I thought this one was rather fun .
I was a bit surprised to see this on display , it is a quilt by Laurie Swim , a well known art quilter .
                                          For the purple lovers , a very vibrant quilt.
                                                   I thought this was adorable .
                                                A very large brightly coloured quilt .
 A very pretty reproduction print quilt , such soft femine colours .
Now for a few art quilts , this was interesting .

 We studied this for a while to see if we could figure out how they did the circles , never did figure it out .
The colours in this quilt were a little stronger than is showing here , a modern art quilt .
                                    I beleive this one was paper pieced , great job !
                                                                Loved this one :-)
                                  And this one would have been nice to take home .
On the left some peonie roses which are pp and next to that is a beautiful tumbler quilt
                                                           a minature pineapple quilt .

                                          another modern art quilt
                                                       an interesting scrappy quilt .
                                              for the hexie lovers , this was gorgeous .
                             This was super interesting , didn;t get the history on the quilt but I loved it.
                                      poppies , this looks like a Pam Bono pattern .
                                                  Pinwheels in all their glory ...
                                                  who doesn't like a red and white quilt .
my favorite in the show , this is called The Highway Man , I just love it and voted on it for viewers choice.
                                                   another scrappy star quilt
                                                  a little challenge piece for the different seasons ,obviously winter
                                             This one was for dots , Mrs .Dotty
                                                   some star challenge blocks , I like the wish upon a star .
                                                  This challenge was for flowers , and here is the picture plant which was partly wool

No this is not Bill , they were having a pumpkin people display and this poor guy was out front of Suttle and Seawinds a lovely store that sells clothing as well as fabric . I did manage to spend a few dollars here . The piper and little people were also part of the pumpkin display , they had some incredibly cute characters around town , I may share a few more later on .
Well I think I have kept you long enough , hope you enjoyed the show .  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day .
 hugs Sheila