Friday, September 19, 2014

Some lovely mail and a new BOM

On Monday I opened my rural mailbox to find a package addressed to me , I couldn't wait to open it as I knew what was inside . You see I had won a giveaway from Kaaren of the Painted Quilt and my prize had arrived  :-) I know you want to see what I received so here you are....

These gorgeous Valdani threads designed by Kaaren in the most beautiful colours , this photo does not do them justice at all . I love them and can't wait to start a wool project to try them out . Thanks so much Kaaren , they are truly wonderful .
 I also received a very cute postcard in the mail yesterday from Susan for the fall postcard exchange I had arranged here on my blog .

Isn't it just the cutest " Be True to who you are" what a great statement Mr. Owl . Thanks so much Susan I love it !! 
 I hope those taking part in the postcard exchange have gotten their cards made and even posted , it is such fun to receive these works of art in the mail . I sent off two this week for my partners so be on the look out , they should land before too long .

 Our guild the Thistle Quilt Guild had their first meeting for this year on Wednesday and Anne our program director introduced us to a BOM which we have the option of taking part in . I of course signed up , can't resist a BOM such a great way to learn new blocks , new techniques and make a great quilt all at the same time . Our blocks will all come from the public domain and this months blocks are from the Quilters Cache a great site for free patterns . We have the choice of making three blocks this month,, we can do all three or we can do just one or two , the choice is ours so I think I will try all three and see how that goes . Yesterday I made my first block ,here it is " Crosses and Losses "
It might be difficult to tell from this photo but the fabric is Christmas , not a traditional colour but I just fell in love with these FQ's and I am hoping I have enough to make a decent size quilt . We will see . I have the second block Denise's Star cut and ready to assemble .
I now have seven Charm Star shirt blocks completed which gives me 14 tiny pinwheels :-)  I didn't take a photo so will do that later on .  I am off now to get that second block made for our BOM , wish me luck.
 Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy this beautiful fall day , it is a cool one here on the east coast but so lovely .
 Hugs Sheila 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Worldwide Bloghop

Today it is my turn to participate in the Worldwide Bloghop , I was nominated by Jo of Explorations in Stitch . Jo is a talented multi crafter tackling such things as making dolls , beading , journaling and of course quilting . She is well read in many crafts and is not afraid to try new techniques and share her process with us . It has been wonderful to get to know Jo over the past while and I know you will also enjoy visiting her blog .
A recent photo I borrowed from her blog shows her wool felting projects .
 As part of this hop I am to answer some questions , the first being .
1. What am I working on now ?
Oh my , you don't have time  for me to list all I have on the go but recently I started the Charm square star quilt as a QAL with Terry of Terry's Treasures and I am combining this QAL with another challenge by Tracee of Farm Gate Creations , the shirt challenge , using six shirts to create a quilt . My star blocks are being created using shirts and so far I am loving this process .

 I am also taking part in a free online class to learn crazy quilting , however due to the fact I broke my wrist in April this became  more of a challenge than I thought it would be as I still find handwork a little challenging but I am plugging along and here is where I am right now . Since this photo I have added my first ribbon embroidery , not my best work but really want to learn .

 I also have a postcard exchange on the go and have assigned names to have their postcards sent out by Oct. 15th . If you have followed me for a while you know I have a love for postcards :-) Just a few of the many postcards I have made and sent .

2. How does my work differ from others ?
 I don't think it does , I may put my own twist on things  but overall I am pretty traditional . I usually choose my own Colors rather than follow suggested colours unless I really love what is used . I love the process of choosing colour , it is one of my favorite parts of making a project .

3. Why do I create what I do ?
 That is an easy one , it is simply  who I am , I need to create , I have always created , I can't remember ever not creating something . As a young child I made my own doll clothes by hand , drew my own paper dolls with clothes to wear and in high school made my own clothes .  I started quilting about 14 years ago and love what I do . When I am creating I can leave the world behind , forget all the so call problems and feel totally involved and time stands still .

4. How does my creative process work ?
 Well I am usually inspired by something I see , sometimes in nature , sometimes a project made by a friend or fellow blogger and quite often these days by Pinterest . Inspiration is everywhere , sometimes that can be my downfall , I am so easily inspired and want to jump in with both feet for every project I see :-) I really enjoy landscape quilting and most often will take a photo then crop it and possibly enlarge it and prepare it for my project . I have a special container for landscape fabrics and will spend hours finding just the right fabric to fit the various components to make up the picture , sometimes that is easy other times it can be challenging but I can get totally lost in that process and loose complete track of time . The same thing often happens when making fabric postcards , they are just so much fun and coming up with a design is half the fun , the other half is finding that perfect fabric to make it work  and so the process goes for most of my work . I love to take part in challenges and was an active member of the Valerie Hearder yahoo group a couple of years ago and one challenge I took part in was the rain , drizzle fog challenge , tricky for sure , how do you portray fog , well it took some thinking but I finally came up with a solution and was pleased with my results .

Not the best photo but I used netting to give the look of fog .  I have taken part in lots of BOM's over the years and really enjoy that process as well . I guess you could say I simply love to be creative , it make my heart sing :-)

  I am nominating Annette of In Stitches and Seams , a dear friend who I had the chance to meet a few years ago while visiting in Saskatchewan . Annette creates many beautiful projects many of which are  her own design and does workshops and classes in her local area and always finds time to make things for charity . She also makes incredible postcards ;-)
 This sweet garden flag is one of Annette's own designs ( I borrowed this photo from her blog ), she has many more to her credit including lovely totes . Be sure to stop by and say hello and give her some cyber hugs .

My second nomination is Lin of St, Victor Quilts , such a wonderfully creative person , she does techniques I have never heard of and certainly have never tried so it is always a pleasure to visit and see what she is up to . She does amazing crazy patch work , oh you just will have to go over and visit , you will be glad you did . She also makes beautiful postcards , very unique and lovely .


 Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this lengthy post , I hope you enjoyed seeing a small portion of what I do and what makes me tick . Annette and Lin will post their blog hop post next Monday Sept. 22 . be sure to stop by and say hello .
 Hugs Sheila

Friday, September 12, 2014

My September blocks

I have completed four blocks now for the Charm Square Star QAL with Terry  plus some bonus pinwheels which really is a wonderful idea , thanks for that Terry .
I am still loving this quilt , will now need to cut some more white and a few more shirt charms too then I will be ready for my next sewing session ;-)
 I am busy today doing laundry , such a gorgeous fall day , the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing , couldnt ask for more . Sure hope this weather continues :-)
 Thanks for stopping by today , hope you are enjoying a creative day .
 hugs Sheila

Monday, September 8, 2014

My first shirt block for the charm square star quilt ..

Oh I am so pleased with my decision to make my Charm Star Quilt with shirts , I love this block !!

 Don't ask me why but this reminds me of summer , the ocean and blue skies , these shirts never looked so good and little bonus pinwheels since I was stitching anyway , aren't they cute .  I know I am going to love this quilt already and can't wait to start the next block . I do have lots of blocks cut and ready now, so they go together quite quickly once you have the squares cut and of course had I done as the pattern suggested and used charms it would have been even faster but you know me I love a challenge ;-() 
  I have to share this sky with you , I ran to get the camera a few evenings ago when a storm was brewing , strange as it might sound I love this type of sky , yeah I know weird .

 This dark looming sky was heading to Sunnybrae , they seem to get some of the worst of the storms which makes me wonder why it ever got that name ;-) 
I love horses and had to stop by this electric fence to take this photo , Bill had to keep reminding me to not get too close to the fence .
My dream property with my dream horses ;-) and then I would want these too ...
I love donkeys  , they make me smile for some reason . 
 Well thanks for stopping by today , hope you are being creative .
 hugs Sheila

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Aurifil BOM /September and some baby things

Good morning from the East Coast , hope your day is going well , it is threatening rain here at the moment and I wish it would to help reduce the humidity . Have you ever had a block that just wouldn't do what you wanted it to do , well that was the case for me yesterday as I tackled this months block for Aurifil , it is not that it is all that difficult it was just a matter of me not paying attention until it was too late. This block has four 3" friendship star blocks , that took me a while and I was putting the outer strips onand actually had most of them on when I noticed one of the points in one of the stars was not in the correct position , uggh , it was of course not the one on the outer edge , nope it was the third one in so I had to disassemble and reassemble the block again and here it is .
I again used those reproduction prints and I have to say I am not too crazy about this block but it is done so that is that ;-)  I have also been busy sewing up baby things , you see my niece had a baby boy a month ago and the plan was to make her a quilt but since she received two gorgeous quilts at her shower I thought I would sew something a little different and this is what I made .

 The first thing I made was the little flannel jacket , I love this pattern and bought it many years ago when visiting in Seattle , it is by why not collections , I still need buttons . Then I made the flannel blanket which has two layers with the bottom one folding over to form the border , so soft and cuddly . Next came the little basket made with the scraps from the jacket with a few additions , you can find the tutorial here and finally the monster bib , this pattern I came across on pinterest and you can find it here  . So that has been my sewing the last couple of days , now it is time to start my stars but first I will need to cut up those shirts into squares ;-) 
 Any more takers on the postcard exchange , details in the previous post , please let me know as soon as possible so I can assign partners , thanks .
 Have a great day and thanks for stopping by , do something creative today , you will be glad you did .
 hugs Sheila