Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Looked what came hopping into my mailbox today

I love surprises , don't you . Well the mail just arrived and inside was this adorable little bunny from Selina .

Isn't she sweet with her pink egg , thanks so much Selina , I love it !!
  Our grandsons girlfriend spent some time in Bali so I asked her to pick up some batiks for me , she came for a visit on Friday with a bag filled with the most gorgeous batiks I have ever seen .
The one at the back is actually a dress she had bought which had gotten torn in an area that it would be impossible to repair so she gave that to me as well . Thanks so much Chelsey I am sure I can make something very pretty with these !! Chelsey even took a class to make batiks , now that sounds like fun but she said it was a lot harder than it looked .
 On the weekend I finally was able to get down to visit with my Mom , with the dreadful weather we have had these past few months plus some joint issues it was impossible for me to drive that far and not exactly safe either . I travelled with my brother and his wife which was nice as we had a chance to catch up . I was able to deliver my little landscapes that I had made for my brother , my sisters and my Mom . If you remember I made them with my Dad's ties , they loved them which makes me extra happy ! If you hadn't seen them previously you can check them out here . My Mom gave me five more ties so lets see what I can create with those , since I didn't get a landscape for myself I may just make one ;-) 

 Not a lot of sewing going on at the moment but I did finish this little wool ornament , a free pattern on a  wool applique FB group , they are fun and quick to make and my collection is sure growing now .
That bright green was once a boiled wool jacket , I picked it up at a thrift store for this purpose , it is wonderful to work with .
That is it from me today , hope everyone is enjoying there day and thanks so much for stopping by .
 Hugs Sheila

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Some mail to share

The sun is shining oh JOY and hopefully the snow is melting .It actually looks like spring today if you don't look at the snow that is still piled high in our yard .
Anyway onto more pleasant thoughts like wonderful postcards that arrived in the mail . In my little exchange I had two partners , I didn't have any at first when I was assigning names but once the request went out I had several offers and I chose the first one who was Janet and the second one was Jo as she is new to postcards and I wanted to have a newbie to swap with . I have shown you Jo's postcard here but today I will share Janets card which just arrived yesterday .
Isn't it lovely , some beautiful swans , Janet was saying she wasn't pleased with her results but I think it looks fabulous . Thanks so much Janet .
 Then today I opened the mail and there was a surprise postcard from Linda at Scrapmaster , I love surprises and I haven't even emailed her to thank her yet but Thanks so much Linda I love it .
Since my postcards have now arrived to my partners I will share those with you too .
This one was sent to Jo , a purple bunny , aren't they all purple, this friendly little gal has a purple posey and some painted eggs to share  lol .
This Easter basket went to Janet , I guess I had a thing for purple that day . I had fun finding fabrics for the eggs .
 Thanks to everyone who took part in the exchange , I hope you have enjoyed it and have received your cards by now or will very soon . Remember to post them on the Flicker page which I have now placed a link on my sidebar , check it out , lots of lovely postcards on display . For those who have never been in an exchange it is so much fun and so easy to do so why not join us the next time we swap .
 Thanks for stopping by today and incase I don't get back here for a while I wish to take this opportunity to wish each of you a very Happy Easter .
 Hugs Sheila

Friday, March 27, 2015

A little progress

This seems to have been a slow month for me , but I am plugging away behind the scenes and have two small accomplishments to share . First off the March Bom from Bunnyhill Designs which are meant to be ornaments but I chose to make a mini quilt instead .
I love my sheep , it is wool as well as the snowman , the heart is a homespun as well as the border both from my scrap bag , yeah !
Next I finished the mystery BOM by Buttermilk Basin for March , these are such fun to make , quick and easy , wool on cotton .
The colours are a bit off , the beehive is much darker than it appears here . Wonder what the April block will be ? Thanks to Stacey for providing these blocks each month .
 I am working away on my Charming stars quilt when I get a minute , I can honestly say that machine quilting a large quilt is not my favorite thing to do , quite a challenge . I am making progress so I guess that is good news and I also have quite a bit done on my sampler that I am hand quilting , just one full row to go now , happy, happy !
 Well that is all from me today , hope the world is treating you right , have a wonderful day and thanks ever so much for stopping by.
 hugs Sheila

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring !!

Spring has officially arrived but we need to tell Mother Nature , she seems to think we should still be having winter weather , it is mighty cold out there today with strong winds blowing around that snow  . However ,the mailman has brightened my day with not one but two Spring postcards . The first one is from my partner in the exchange  Jo  .
Jo is new to making postcards and did a fabulous job , isn't it just adorable . The wording and the line from the bee have been hand embroidered . You would certainly never know you weren't familiar with making postcards , really great job!! Thanks so much Jo ,I love it .
 Next is my friend Judy who sent along this lovely rose , I am quite intrigued as to how she made it . I love all the quilting she has done as well .
Isn't it gorgeous , she painted the fabric for the rose with textile paints , so pretty . It will be a LONG time before we see any roses here , first we must melt about 6' of snow . Thanks so much Judy I love it !!
 I have one little finish to share , I had been following along with the spring  blog hop on Buttermilk Basin and printed off a few of the patterns provided but this one really spoke to my heart so I immediately started stitching .

My hubby laughed when he seen this , he said , "Do you think that will work lol"!  I can hope . This was a free pattern from Gail Pan , I think it is quite cute and was fun to stitch up while sitting wrapped up in my quilt :-)
 I also have been making a few postcards , I can only share one right now and that one has been sent off to my Mom who celebrates her birthday this week .
Similar to one I have in my new header  , I just had to get rid of that snow picture , thought it might be jinxing us .
 I am off now to get some supper on the stove so I thank you for stopping by today and hope you have a really nice day .
Hugs Sheila

Friday, March 20, 2015

Meet and Greet

I am a little late to the party but today we are celebrating the first day of Spring with Madame Samm in our Meet and Greet Stitchers  Around the World  . Years ago I did lots of cross stitching and absolutely loved the process , very relaxing and fun to do . Here are two projects I did early on ,
This is my favorite cross stitch project I have ever done , it speaks of many things I love , it hangs in my kitchen on my hutch .
Sorry for the glare on this picture , this one has glass over it and I tried various angles but always that spot. However I like this one too , the quote is so true . These are the only cross stitch projects I have any others I did were given away many years ago .

I also love to embroider and this sewing machine cover was a kit I bought while visiting PEI a few years back , I do love this too :-)
Finally I will share a Christmas wall hanging that I did a few years back from a pattern called Christmas Wishes by Gail Pan I believe , it was a free BOM at that time .
Sorry I was late , the day just crept up on me . Thanks for stopping by today and hope this first day of Spring brings lovely weather and sunshine .
 Hugs Sheila