Thursday, August 9, 2012

A little vacation and some wonderful mail

Lat week I received this wonderful book from sweet Sue , she very kindly sent on this book to me that she had two of , it is a gorgeous book with many great projects to make and a lot of them use wool so I am super happy. Thanks so much Sue you are so sweet :-) I have sure enjoyed browsing and drooling over the beautiful projects inside .
As you can see the title is Flower Bed Threads by Need'l Love and here is a sneak peak of what is inside.
There are some projects I want to start soon, so many to choose from ,which one will be first ?
 I am off to the lovely prairies for a little visit starting tomorrow , thankfully our niece has agreed to stay here and babysit our dog ,I hate putting him in a kennel and also there will be someone here to take care of the house and pick up mail etc. I am looking forward to seeing my grandson Isaac and my granddaughter Sophia and of course our son Roger and his wife Lisa . It has been so long the children will not likely remember us but we will have fun getting to know each other again .
 I also want to apologize if I have not answered comments or emails as my computer is not in the best working order and will be also sent off on vacation , a working one for him as we want it completely overhauled and working like new . I had to save all my photos and documents as they will be gone , a new learning experience for me but I did it ,yeah!Let's hope I can get this posted before it decides to freeze on me again. John told me we have over 1400 problems , now that is a lot don't you think. This computer is just 2 years or less so rather strange it is behaving this badly. No viruses though so that is a good thing.

 Before I go I thought I would share a couple of photos of the beach we took the girls to when they were visiting , it is by far the most popular beach in this area and it was a perfect night to spending walking in the sand and searching for shells or special rocks , I love rocks , did I tell you that :-)
First we have to get there ;-)
A view from the walkway , as you can see not many there at that time but if we had gone in the afternoon there would have been many more.
Caitlin testing the waters.
Alyssa jumping for joy for being at the Merb .
Both girls taking a little break in the lifeguard seat.
A view up the beach which is almost deserted . A wonderful evening and I sure enjoyed having the girls around to enjoy the beach with . Thanks for taking the time to stop by and enjoy your day . It may be a few days before I get a chance to stop by as I will be super busy with my grandies but don't give up on me I will be checking in eventually. Hugs Sheila



  1. Sheila, your pictures are wonderful. The grandchildren certainly seem to be enjoying themselves! What memories they will have! Good luck with the computer!

  2. There's nothing like the beach for walking and relaxing! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures! :0)

  3. I'm so happy you like that book. I have never been disappointed with one of their books.

    I love those beach pictures! Looks wonderfully sunny and happy.

    I hope you have a good time visiting your son and wife and grandbabies. Be blessed!

  4. what a gorgeous beach and beautiful grandchildren. looks like a fun book

  5. Oh how nice Sheila....wonderful book.
    the girls are having lots of fun!!
    My desktop is acting up really badly...Google Chrome will not respond at all...I uninstalled it because my daughter-in-law got a virus through google I am limited to my laptop for blogger...since it works better with chrome...can't win!!! lol

  6. oooh... glad you got all your pics....some lovely pictures with your grandies and have a wonderful trip capturing new memories....

  7. what a lovely post Sheila and hope your computer comes back like brand new.xx

  8. I read Sue's blog and she is very nice.
    I have that book and I have made that petal pillow about 5 times in different colors. Your granddaughters would probably love one too. I made them for my daughter's friends and one for her. Enjoy your vacation.

  9. looks like a great book..... I still have not tried wool yet.
    Looking forward to your visit, I am sure you are looking forward to those grandkids no longer babies. I hope you have a wonderful time with them and that time slows down just a little while you are with them.
    in stitches

  10. What a great book...and you are right, Sue is a real sweetie! Loved the photos of your girls at the beach. I know you so enjoyed having them there with you.

    Have a wonderful time visiting Roger and his family. I'm sure Isaac and Sophia will love having their grandmother and grandfather with them. And when you get back, your computer will be just like new!

    Have a GREAT time, and I'll write you soon!



  11. Love the beach photos...looks like you all had fun. catch you when you get back. Enjoy!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  12. Lovely photos of the beach and your grandchildren!

  13. Looks like the girls are really enjoying the beach. Lovely photos sheila.

  14. Oh NO.. you go enjoy the grandies some more! We'll still be here! Cheers :)

  15. Hi Sheila.. I was wondering why you had not answered my email on your winnings for the Christmas blog hop... You won my Southern Belle block. When you see this or when you get home and get your pc back, just reply to my email and send me your mailing info. :)

    Have a nice vacation!

  16. Hi Sheila, I have written down the title - just relax witn needle and thread.

    (any problems pull out the plug, the battery any lines vacuum clean itput it together rip it apart put together) Works for me.

    Enjoy the break

  17. Hi Sheila,
    What a great book and how nice of Sue to share with you! Walking on the beach with family looks like a great way to spend your day. Enjoy!

  18. Hi Sheila...have missed you...glad you have your comp back. I think it is so odd that I am quilting this quilt...thanks for visiting.make sure you get in on the bowls giveaway