Saturday, October 12, 2013

Christmas QAL

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It's beginning to feel like Christmas , it sure is crisp out there today only 10 C. but with a brisk wind it feels much colder but inside I am toasty warm and working away on my Christmas challenge piece . Today is the Christmas QAL with Joanna at Needle Thread Happiness and I was busy preparing and sewing my next block .
 Making HST'S , then sewing the pieces together to create this block .
As you can probably see it is not yet sewn here but I did get that done and now for the little line up I have so far. Oh wait , there was one block I was not happy with so I deconstructed that as you can see here .
I removed the center block and replaced it with the pink square so the blocks will each have pink . Now for all of them together .
When I first decided to join this QAL I really had no direction , just ok I would like to try this and so I made a block which was the blue's with the pink , second from the right , then the next month I couldn't find the pink so that is when I made the second block from the left and it had the off white in the center and somehow it just didn't look good today when I placed them all together so what is a gal to do but take it apart and replace that little block and I am so much more happy with this change. So I bet you are wondering what is she going to use for the sashings or what is she going to make with these blocks , well I am making a runner and the sashings and border will be gray , yeah I know it seems strange to use gray for Christmas but I found the perfect fabric at our local shop Atlantic Fabrics , it has snowflakes and is really quite pretty so that is my next step this afternoon to get those sashings cut and sewn . See you later and enjoy your day .
Thanks for the visit .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Well done and I like that gray snowflake fabric.

  2. Oh, yeah, that gray will be perfect!!

  3. I like the grey idea, too. I love the pink snowflake fabric; it's so pretty.

  4. Lookin' good! The grey will be perfect.

  5. Your blocks are looking scrumptious! Love the idea of a little pink in every the grey will be wonderful to complete the runner!

  6. Lovely Sheila...nice to have the little touch of pink.