Sunday, February 23, 2014

My pillow so far and some mail I neglected to share

Another spring like day here on the east coast , not as balmy as yesterday but lovely all the same . I received some mail recently that I did not share and although Valentines day is past I want to show you what my blogging friends sent to me.
I first received this lovely handmade card from Karen , her daugther made this sweet card . Thanks so much for thinking of me Karen.
Next I received this postcard from my friend Linda ,isn't it sweet ! Thanks Linda , I love it .
Finally this warm hands and heart postcard arrived from Annette a few days after Valentines day , I think the postal workers enjoyed it for a time ;-) Thanks Annette , I love this one too .
 Now to share my pillow so far , lots left to do , I just finished ironing on the applique so need to stitch that down .
I know you are going to need to use your imagination but that is a bird on the top of the flower and hopefully when I finish it will look a tad more like one ;-) I love my flower even if it does have blue leaves !
 I am off now to do some stitching on this project , hope your day is going well , take care and thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Hi Sheila, I love your post cards. The heart in the gloved hands is so pretty. I love your. Go Wild pillow. I fell in love with this design as soon as I saw the book a while back. I am working on the quilt. It is a major wip for me. I love all the colours in your pillow and the little bird is perfect :)

  2. Lovely postcards. Love the pillow, it looks wonderful. Hugs,xx

  3. Wonderful postcards! Love your pillow top too...gorgeous!

  4. You do get and send the best postcards!! Love your pillow!!

  5. What fun mail!!! I love the applique and I can definitely see that it is a bird!

  6. Lovely post cards and your pillow is coming along very nicely.

  7. I am working on a spring postcard this evening. I do love making these little creations. Glad you liked the one I sent you. Your pillow is great! Love that honeybee block.

  8. such fun valentine cards and I love the up and coming pillow...

  9. What a pretty pillow Sheila and a lovely collection of cards.

  10. It looks *exactly* like a bird and it's so pretty.
    Sheila, your BEAUTIFUL post cards came today...can't wait to blog about them, hopefully, tomorrow and THANK YOU! I almost cried at the loving work of your hands and heart. It means so much...the thistle and the view is perfect...great memory!
    Thank you, Sheila; when I'm long gone from here, your framed post cards will hang in my new home.

  11. The postcards are great. I absolutely love the fabrics you chose for the pillow, especially the blue leaves for the flower.