Thursday, July 10, 2014

Some mail to share

I have to apologize for taking so long to post these great postcards I received about a week ago , I find it so difficult to type on the computer and can't do it all from the iPad .
I had taken part in a postcard exchange through Brandy Lynn of Canadian quilt Talk with the theme of maple leaves . Lucky for me I had one suitable postcard on hand so was able to join in the swap and my partner for the swap was Monika of My Sweet Prairie and this is the lovely postcard she sent to me . Thanks so much Monika , always a pleasure to swap with you :-)

My friend Annette also sent me one of her creative postcards with the same theme , Annette always comes up with the greatest cards . It was so thoughtful of Annette to send me this great postcard , thanks so much , it did brighten my day , just love it  :-) Annette's card depicts someone enjoying a swing on an old tire under a maple tree , how clever , the maple leaf is dimensional  ;-)

Then a few days ago I received a package in the mail from my friend Eglea in Brazil , she sent me this lovely thread painted fuchsia flower . She has been practising her thread work and it is just amazing . I love it !

She also included some vintage fabric which she had used in a previous postcard she had sent . I can't wait to try it out , I love the texture of it . Thanks so much for everything Eglea

Are you wondering how the wrist is coming ? Well , slowly but I do see some improvement , I seen my doctor on Tuesday and he gave me permission to leave the brace off which is a relief as it gets kind of hot . I get very discouraged at times as I can't do the things I want to do and everyday chores are still challenging but I have to remind myself this too shall pass if I do what I am told and push that wrist and hand as much as possible and often . To be honest my wrist is not nearly as sore as my hand is , my thumb being the worst , it aches a lot . Send me some healing thoughts please , I so want to get back to normal .
 Thanks for taking the time to stop by today and I hope the sun is shining where you are .
 Hugs Sheila


  1. Gorgeous Maple swap postcard and how thoughtfull of your bloggy friends sending the other lovely postcards..
    Even though it is frustrating for you your hand will get better with time and excerises

  2. Those cards are truly lovely; so creative. I hope your hand improves so you can get back to doing what you enjoy.

  3. Healing thoughts are coming your way. Thank you for posting the postcards. They are amazing

  4. Thanks for sharing your postcards. They are truely wonderful gifts. Prayers are on the way for continued healing. Just try and keep up those positive thoughts, they are so important.

  5. What lovely postcards! Were the maple leaves painted? I do hope that your hand/arm returns to normal soon as having pain in your hand would be rather discouraging. I know when I went through pt for my knee they told me it could take months and to be patient. Well, that's easier said than done, isn't it? Take care of yourself.

  6. I was wondering how your wrist was doing. I am sending healing thoughts. I know how frustrating it can be not to be able to the things you love.
    fabulous postcards.

  7. Glad you were able to post about your beautiful post cards. I'm sending healing thoughts your way, as requested. You are doing so well. I'd be so down and out!

  8. Obrigada, Sheila por suas gentis palavras!
    Você recebeu lindos cartões da Monika (eu também!) e o da Annette que é genial!
    Muitos pensamentos de cura para você. Você também será citada no meu grupo de orações hoje.
    Se você morasse aqui no Brasil eu diria para você colocar uma compressa de "saião" (Kalanchoe brasiliensis) para aliviar a dor da sua mão. Esta é uma erva fantástica e eu tenho dela no quintal. Mas...
    Um grande abraço com votos de saúde!

    Thank you Sheila for your kind words!
    Beautiful cards you received from Monika (me too!) And Annette that's great!
    Many healing thoughts for you. You will also be mentioned in my prayer group today.
    If you lived here in Brazil I would say to put a compress "saião" (Kalanchoe brasiliensis) to ease the pain of your hand. This is a fantastic herb and I have it in the backyard. But ...
    A big hug with wishes for health!

  9. Sure love the first one....reminding me of fall and I can't wait...grin.

  10. Gorgeous postcards Sheila!! each one is beautiful and unique. Your wrist will be better in no time

  11. The different postcards are beautiful, the maple leaves in the first one look real! I hope your hand keeps improving, you are in my prayers, hugs Wendy

  12. that hand is being a bit silly for you I think.... slowly but surely...x lovely postcards to cheer you up...

  13. Love the postcards. They are wonderful. Hope the wrist improves soon for you. Hugs,xx

  14. What great postcards! I love the creativity of the maple leaf.

    Sending some healing hugs. It can be so discouraging.

  15. Hi Sheila i am sending you lots of healing and hugs my friend,and i love those postcards,what fun getting them in the mail,take care,xx

  16. I am sending you all kinds of healing thoughts, and positive thoughts, and prayers, and hugs...get my drift? Take care...time will heal all!

  17. What a wonderful card you got from Monica, and the other maple leaf! I am almost surprised that they allowed the second one to go through the mail. Lots of healing thoughts heading your way. And thoughts of calm and patience as well.

  18. Sending healing energy to you... I really, truly hope that your hand recovers & is pain free!
    This has been long go for you!

    Take care,

  19. All lovely postcards Sheila. Sending Reiki my girl. Hugs xxx

  20. Lovely cards all Sheila! I have not seen Eglea's fuschia so that is a lovely surprise - lucky you. Have a good weekend and I send healing thoughts as always. xx

  21. Pretty postcards Sheila!!
    Lots of hugs my dear friend <3

  22. Awesome postcards! Sounds like your progress is slow, but it is progress. Sending a ton of healing thoughts to you. Take care and hugs.

  23. beautiful postcards Sheila.
    glad to hear them is improvement in your wrist. Keep up your exercises and hopefully you will be back to your usual self and your crafting asap.