Thursday, February 5, 2015

Some mail , some progress and a little visitor

Hi there , hope your Thursday is going well . Here in Nova Scotia the weather is again a factor , this time we are having some rain which is creating ice and tonight it will get colder and change to snow , lovely ,just lovely . On to something more positive like pretty mail , I recently received two Valentine postcards , the first arrived from Judy all the way from Idaho and she even handpainted the background fabric , how fun is that .
It is adorable , thanks so much Judy . The next one arrived from Saskatchewan from Carolyn and this was her first postcard exchange .
This sparkly little creation brightened my day , so cute , thanks so much Carolyn for being my partner in the postcard exchange and I hope you will join us again in the next swap , it was my pleasure to swap with you :-)
 Here is the postcard I sent to Carolyn .
This a PP heart , I know she has received it now so I can post a picture . I also sent one to Susan , no blog who lives in Halifax and although I haven't heard it must have arrived as it was sent a couple of weeks ago . For this one I used a free pattern by Karen Neary , it was meant to be a mugrug but I downsized it to fit a postcard .

I hope all the postcards for the exchange have been mailed and possibly received by now , please be sure to post them on your blog and also on the flicker page provided , thanks so much .

Now for my progress , I have sewn my blocks together and then my rows together and this is how my quilt looks now .
It would no longer fit on my design wall so I laid it on our bed which makes it a tad more difficult to get a decent picture and since it is raining taking it outside is out of the question . Since taking this picture I have added a narrow border in a green , not the same green as the spools but it does appear in the blocks , I had no more of the green from the spools left . I will now add a pink border and am praying I have enough . I did a rough calculation and I should be fine so fingers crossed .

 While I was eating my lunch I happened to notice through the patio door that a Robin was eating the apple I had thrown out yesterday . I had seen the robin around and was so surprised as they usually don't appear until spring . I grabbed my camera and zoomed to the maxium my little camera will do and took this picture , I cropped it to cut out the door frame .
I know it is not all that clear , it was raining at the time plus it it through the glass , I didn't want to disturb him by opening the door .
 Thanks for stopping by today , I am off now to add that second border , heres hoping I have enough fabric .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Great to see the gorgeous's always fun to see what ideas everyone has. (Yes mine have been mailed so will be in the air somewhere!) I love your spool sampler quilt - a neat idea. The Robin seems very happy, it does look very cold at your place!

  2. Beautiful postcards! I sent mine a couple of weeks ago, but haven't heard that it's been received yet. I think you should finish that quilt and send it to me. :-) And I saw my first Robin earlier today. Spring is coming . . . .

  3. such pretty cards..
    love your spool quilt. such pretty colours. Hope you have enough for the borders your have picked.

  4. The postcards are very pretty. The quilt looks wonderful. Hugs,xx

  5. Brrrrrr.... wrap up well... lovely postcards... I forgot to take pictures of the ones I sent so I hope they show up somewhere!!! hahaha...

  6. Hi Sheila wow love all those postcards,your quilt is looking awesome ,well done my friend and what a wonderful pic of the cute Robin.xx

  7. Those postcards are all fantabulous!, your quilt is quite something! I think I want to make one, my spare time, ha, ha!

  8. Love the robin photo. Its so peaceful.
    Your postcards are cute

  9. Awesome postcards! I must check with Susan to see if she received hers. Your quilt is wonderful! I love how blocks are set within the large spool block.. Very cute!

  10. The postcards are lovely. Can't wait to see mine. Love how your quilt top is coming along. The spools are great. Poor cold robin, so glad he found the apple.

  11. The postcards are all beautiful. I feel sorry for that poor little robin. Brrr....he looks so cold.

    I love the spool quilt.

  12. Your quilt is really looking lovely! Such a great selection of postcards too. That little robin was probably very glad of your apple, there doesn't look like much food around otherwise.

  13. Wonderful post cards - I mailed off my 'store bought' Valentines today - it was minus 30 today because of the wind chill - ugh it was cold!! we have a few Robins that stay around thru the winter, but we have about a dozen feeders - so I guess they figure they have it just fine here.

  14. Lovely mail indeed. Your quilt is looking lovely Sheila. Oh my that looks freezing. Poor wee birdie. I am glad you left him a little snack xx

  15. Lovely cards Sheila and gorgeous little bird. xx

  16. Pretty cards, dear Sheila! LOVE IS IN THE AIR - I love it!
    Your quilt is looking very beautiful...
    Hugs, Deborah

  17. Os cartões são muito bonitos! Estou curiosa para receber os meus!
    Sua colcha ... uau!
    Pobre passarinho... fora do seu lugar...fora do seu tempo... Conseguirá sobreviver?
    Um forte abraço!

    The cards are beautiful! I'm curious to get my!
    Your quilt ... wow!
    Poor little bird ... out of place ... out of your time ... Will survive?
    A big hug!

  18. What great postcards to brighten your day! Your quilt is coming along so nicely, I hope that you have enough fabric for that border that you want to add. I love seeing bird photos and I bet the robin was rather thankful for the apple to eat given the weather you've been having. Stay warm!

  19. Love seeing all those wonderful postcards. Your banner is exquisite! Your quilt looks terrific. Love the fabrics!

  20. Well I must say that I don't envy you in all that snow... stay safe & warm inside.
    The pic of the robin is wonderful... considering the weather... xox

  21. neat postcards. I read Judy's blog and she is so creative.