Friday, May 15, 2015

Are you ready for another Postcard swap??

The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising so I figured it was a perfect time to have another postcard swap , what do you think ? I am a little stumped as to a theme so give me some ideas and we will decide in a day or so  , in the mean time , you know the drill , send me your info by email , include your full name , address , blog address as well as your email in a format that I can just copy and paste to your partner . This saves me oodles of time so I would really appreciate your help . For those who have never made a postcard before but would like to join in , the size is 4"x6" finished , the front as well as the back must be fabric and it should be stiff enough to stand up . I find peltex works best for this purpose . If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask . For inspiration go to Pinterest and search fabric postcards or quilted postcards and you will have plenty to see , the link to my pinterest page is in the sidebar and I do have a postcard section .

   Guess what ? I put the last stitches in my  sampler quilt a couple of days ago and this is what it looks like right now .
 I am only showing you a little piece of it , I would rather have the full reveal once I get this binding stitched down . See any similarities to my spool quilt ? Yes similar colours , you can assume I like pink and green together lol . This quilt has quite a history which I will tell you all about when I finish it . I didn't leave my frame empty for long , I put my Henrietta Whiskers quilt on , remember that one ? Well it was in the hoop for a while and I did have a little quilting done on it but very little . This frame is not suppose to be used this way but rules can be broken and I just find it so much easier to quilt on a frame so what the heck it is worth a try , at least it might get quilted . This has been spray basted as well as pin basted and I left the pins for extra security ,so far so good .

Can you see the acorn and oak leaf I drew to use as templates in the border , hmm , this is more work than I first thought but the theme is fall so seemed like a good idea at the time ;-) I love this little quilt so will be happy to have it finished as well , I won't be pushing to have this one for the show , no hope of that , now if I was Marjorie it wouldn't be a problem , she would likely have it finished by next week , that lady can quilt !!
 I have a small finish to show too . Do you often find things tucked away that you completely forgot about ,well such was the case this afternoon when I was looking for a piece of fabric , didn't find the fabric but did find this almost finished project so I decided this was the day to finish it off .
A thread catcher , the fabric is so cute and perfect for this project , I filled the pincushion with rice to add weight , I made an extra little bag to put that in so it is enclosed inside the pincushion . I put a yogurt container inside the bag to give stability but also makes it so much easier to empty those threads .

 So that is it for me right now , I think I am going to go sit on the deck and stitch that binding down , can't think of a better way to spend a lovely afternoon  and I can finish it up tonight for FNSI .
 Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone is enjoying a great day . Lets see how many participants we can get for the swap , come on , you know you want to do this :-)
 Hugs Sheila


  1. Well done on finishing the quilting - I look forward to seeing the 'totally finished' photos! I love those rich autumn colours of Henrietta! Funny how we put things away that are nearly done, isn't it... a great little finish :-) Will say No to a postcard swap just now, have a bit too much to keep me occupied right now! I know I'll regret it as I always enjoy doing them!

  2. I love Henrietta's colours......I printed those patterns off but never made it, perhaps one day......your sampler quilt is very pretty, the border fabric is gorgeous! Those thread catchers are very useful.

  3. You are motivated these days! Getting things finished. That's great. I am in for the postcard swap for sure. As far as a about the beach/ocean

  4. Can't wait to see the sampler quilt. Looking good from your little peek. I printed those patterns for Henrietta but never got it started. Love the thread catcher. Hugs,xx

  5. Oh yes please for postcard swap. I like. Linda's idea for a Beach one.
    Wow you are a busy girl. Look forward to the Sampler reveal. I remember Henrietta , loved making that one.
    Nice fabrics you found for the thread catcher.
    I will enjoy sewing along with you tonight.

  6. Oh yes, I am definitely in and I too like Linda's suggestion for the theme. Great idea to put a pot inside the thread catcher and I love the fabric. xx

  7. Id like to join in for the postcard swap again.
    Southern Hemisphere .... We will be celebrating Xmas in July . So a white snowman Xmas.
    In the north it will be a beach summer theme.
    Anything will be great.....

  8. Count me in! I love anything beach. Email on the way soon. And I LOVE your quilt.

  9. I've been missing out on your postcard swaps, but I won't miss this one! I'm in. I prefer paper backings, but I'm up for the challenge to work with a fabric backing. Love the idea of the beach/ocean theme. Love your quilting hints! Now to figure out to email you. Thank you!

  10. Of course I want to participate in the exchange of cards. I have already sent the email with data for you.
    A theme? Hummmmmm ... how about "COLORS"? Or "SUN and COLORS"? But I liked the themes suggested by Linda Jo and Sunny.
    It looks like you really like green and pink. :)))
    The pincushion is a useful piece and was very beautiful!
    The big hug and good weekend!

  11. lots to see at our . place. love the quilt and I think pink and green go together so well.... glad to see Henrietta is in the quilting frame..... I would love to swap .. what about "anything goes" then you don't have to worry about a particular theme...
    Great threadcatcher and pincushion.... very pretty .. and useful too

  12. wow Sheila you have been busy getting your quilt done and the photos as well. I just read the other post. I then looked for this one for the post card swap .... of course I would love to be a part of it
    Sew how is the wrist after all this therapy. I believe that the movement was very helpful.
    Great job once again.
    in stitches

  13. I like your hand quilting and the projects that you're working on! And what a great idea of the thread catcher and pincushion, that would be so handy to have close while you're stitching.

    Happy stitching!