Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Some photos of our lovely province

 Today rather than sharing some quilting photos I am going to share some photos of our travels around the province this summer . Nova Scotia is not a big province but it has a very diverse landscape and there are many areas I have yet to explore . First off I will take you to the South shore .
                                        A portion of White Point Beach , just spectacular .
                                       A different view of the long stretches of white sand .
 This is White Point Beach Lodge , I would highly recommend it , beautiful accommodations and food .
                        A very kind Aussie Chap offered to take our pictures on the beach .
                                       The fog was rolling in here but I just love the affect .
                     This is in Chester , a delightful town and lovely place to explore .
 This little yarn shop is in   Lockeport and I went in to see what they had to offer and was surprised to see around 8 or so ladies sitting around in a circle each working on knitting a project and chatting away .
                    It was foggy here as well and the locals told us it is foggy a lot of the time .
 Wouldn't you love to have a tour of this gorgeous Captains home in Chester I believe it was , I know I would love a peak inside .

 This cute little church has been remodeled to become a home , I think they did an amazing job and love their colour choice . I see they have prepared for winter , nicely stacked wood pile .
 This photo was taken as we traveled up the shore roads but I have no idea where exactly this is , I just loved the look of the bright yellow sea weed so had to snap a picture , yeah I am strange like that .
 Now we will head on over to the Eastern shore ...
Not the best picture but can you see the little piper trying to get some food before his long journey south for the winter .
 This Tor-Bay  beach not a single soul around and it was a simply beautiful day with wispy clouds and a gentle breeze .

                           Gorgeous sandy beach here and the sound of the waves crashing in was very therapeutic .
This side reminds me of Newfoundland , very rugged and barren .
                                                      Because I love rocks ;-)
 Can you hear the crash , oh that was so neat to watch and hear , could have spent all day there .
 This is the broadwalk to get to the beach , lovely wooded area with lots of birds chirping and some really interesting vegetation .
                 Couldn't resist this shot , isn't that just the nicest mural for a fishing shack !
 Can you see the berries amongst the greenery ? Those are wild cranberries , wow , I had never seen such large wild cranberries before and unfortunately for me they were not ripe enough to pick . I am sure they would be yummy for Thanksgiving dinner :-)
 So folks that is it for me today , I do hope you have enjoyed this mini visit to my little province and I think the more I explore these little villages and towns the more I appreciate how fortunate I am to live here .
 Thanks for stopping by today , hope your day is extra special .
 Hugs Sheila


  1. I enjoyed your photos Sheila :-) Another place for me to visit!

  2. What lovely pictures - thank you, Sheila, I enjoyed my visit very much!

  3. Very nice, Sheila! Love the houses! Such character! XO

  4. Hi Sheila such beautiful pics,you live in a beautiful part of the world xx

  5. Lovely photos and thank you for sharing a part of your world with us.

  6. What a beautiful place to live! Lovely photos Sheila! Christine x

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your little piece of heaven with us. It is beautiful.

  8. Lovely tour Sheila, I've been to your province once and drove most of the perimeter. I thing another visit is in order one day. Love the repurposed church, my colour palette if they had added a touch of turquoise!

  9. Beautiful pictures Sheila - thank you and I love the picture of the piper! xx

  10. You take such beautiful photos.

  11. How lovely to see round and about there Sheila,some really beautiful spots and sights..

  12. oh Sheila those are some wonderful photos makes me want to get out there for a visit.... one fall season soon I hope to do just that.....
    in stitches

  13. Your secret is out; you have beautiful and empty beaches. Looks like the perfect spot for people who like to explore without a lot of other tourists. Lovely.

  14. Lovely photos Sheila and how nice of the Ausssie to take your photo..

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  16. All Looks like such beautiful place ♥

  17. Beautiful photos of a beautiful province. Thanks for the quick tour!

  18. Sheila, your pictures are beautiful, as is your little province. I hope to get back there one day.

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