Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clutter bag

Have you ever had a day when nothing goes right , well yesterday was that day for me , I was making this bag which I plan on using as a cosmetic bag and I made one mistake right after the other ,I know if I had taken the time to read the instructions before I started then maybe it would have all worked out much easier for me but I don't give up easily and did finish it last night . I definetly plan on making more so I think maybe the others will go together much faster and without as many mistakes or I hope so !! My friend Linda was her generous self and contributed the fabrics for this bag , they are really lovely fabrics .Thanks Linda!! There were three of us making this bag yesterday morning in our regular Wed. sewing sessions but I was the only one who made mistakes but it was good for a laugh which we can all use now and then . To top it off yesterday afternoon I was out and when I returned to my car it wouldn't start , I am convinced I should have stayed in bed yesterday ;-)So... this gives me another finish for March , isn't that a good thing .
Thanks for stopping by .
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  1. Clever bag, Sheila! We all have clutter, and this is a solution! :-)

  2. Love the bag Sheila. Despite all the dramas it has turned out beautiful. Hugs,Jeanette

  3. Cute bag Sheila. Sorry yesterday was a bad day. Hope today was better.