Saturday, March 6, 2010

March already

I have one finish for March , this tote bag ,I made it with a linen type fabric and it is one
piece of fabric that is sewn in such a way that is makes the lining ,pretty neat .This was just
a practice so would really like to make one now that is more spring like!!
I just had to share this quite unusual plant that has taken up residence in my Norfolk Pine ,
this past summer I had all my houseplants out on my front step and as usual they really
did well , it seems to be a perfect spot for them to grow. When the fall came I took them
in and repotted them but around Christmas I discovered this small plant starting to grow
my first thought was that it was a sunflower as the birds are always around and we feed
them however to my surprise it is an impatience and is now blooming so pretty at the
base of my pine ,mother nature knew I needed a little sign of spring!
Finally the last picture is of the newest project I am doing , a kit that my DH bought for
me a couple of years ago and I have finally gotten around to cutting and sewing it. The name of it is Lousia by Moda , beautiful fabrics and lovely colors , there are six colors for
the blocks and two backgrounds .I now have all of one background complete , six blocks
they are large blocks at 15" and there are 12 ,not that I had to tell you that . I'll keep you
up to date on my progress .Have a super nice day and thanks for stopping by .

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  1. That bag sounds very interesting. I am a bit of a bag lover.