Monday, August 2, 2010

A few Saturday finds

I was off to the Market on Saturday when I spotted a yard sale at a house I always loved ,a large old Victorian house so I JUST had to stop and see what this lady was selling .Here is what I bought , this interesting jug which was such a unique shape and has a rather nice illustration , a mortar and pestle from Italy in really thick glass and this cute little brass dinner bell , all for the grand sum of $7 so I think I got myself a bargain . I also bought two old books as the lady had just finished reading them and recommended them but I didn't take any pictures of them but I will let you know if they were worth reading.
Thanks for stopping by.Sheila
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  1. Those are some neat finds! What market were you heading to? And aren't yard sales the best thing ever?

  2. Oh my. You are GOOD!!~ My husband says that if his mother was still alive, he'd never see us because we are the same in the fact that we LOVE to find deals like this!!! :)
    He says we'd be always going and I can see that we'd be going to YOUR house!!! :)
    I'm in love with it all, but REALLLLY love that jug! WOW! Can't wait to see it with flowers filling it... :)