Monday, December 13, 2010

A stormy Monday but the postman delivers a special package

Here in Nova Scotia today it is rather nasty with high winds and rain but very mild for this time of year at +12 C. I would hate to think what it would look like if the temperatures were colder , nothing would be moving .
Yesterday my DH and I went to an art show that took place at St. FX university and the artist having the show was my brother Bill .He is a talented artist and has been drawing and painting ever since I can remember  ,if you would care to read a little about him and see a few of his paintings check out this website  Can you tell I am a proud sister!
Even in all this nasty weather the postman delivered a parcel just for me from my dear friend Susanne in Denmark , she is such a sweet friend and spoils me every year and this year was no exception . This is what was in my parcel . A beautiful silk scarf from Thailand , she visited there earlier this year along with a key chain which also came from Thailand and this great book of quilt patterns for cups and saucers , she knows I love tea !


  1. Looked at your brothers page - great picture -what a wonderful talent to have....
    The scarf is a lovely colour and I think you will have fun with the book!!

  2. Wow. Your brother is truly talented! His paintings are gorgeous! I can't even draw stick people:/

    How nice to receive such a thoughtful gift from your friend. That book looks interesting:)

    Merry Christmas,

  3. Lovely gift to receive. Lucky you :)