Friday, May 27, 2011

Crazy Quilting Friday

It is somewhat of a miracle that I got a block made this week , it has been a crazy week to say the least . I didn't have time nor did I take the time for any embellishments but I promise I will do that later . Lynda and Jeanette you will both recognize some of these fabrics from our challenge a few years back. Thanks to Betsy of Quilting Fiesta for hosting this event .
What is making me so busy you might ask , well Saturday the 28th the Thistle Quilt guild is having their quilt show so I have been trying to get things ready to take for display. I learned a valuable lesson this year , get those items labeled when you make them ,and especially don't wait until a few days before to get around to it , I sat and sewed on several labels on the larger items last night but am I finished ,NO , then of course are the paper labels we also must fill out so our quilts and other display items can be identified .I have writers cramp from that exercise ;-) I will get it done just not as quickly as I would like . For any readers in Nova Scotia or even New Brunswick we would sure be extra pleased if you could join us for the day , we promise to give you some wonderful eye candy , we have a very talented group.
I am going to add our poster to give details and also to show our talented organized computer person Jeanne , Jeanne writes our newsletters each month as well giving us full details of the previous meeting for those who might have missed it and also for those who enjoy a little refresher , it also gives us upcoming events .She designed and had these great posters printed for us and if you were in the area you would see these in lots of windows and on the bulletin boards of the local malls .
Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great Friday , make it crazy if you can ;-)
Oh before I go I must mention I have not been able to comment on any blogs where it requires word verification as it will not accept my google account .not sure what is going on but I see others are having similar problems , hope they get it ironed out soon.

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  1. I look forward to your crazy quilting block each week. I love the print in the middle of this one. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love your block! Sounds like the show will be so much fun! Wish I could go.
    xx, shell

  3. nice block Sheila...and have a great show...wish I was there...

  4. I love your block. The little pixie looks like she is jumping out of the block. Very sweet. Have a great time at the show.

  5. Love it Sheila, especially the middle print.

  6. Lovely block... have a great show... I have found if I keep the "Keep me signed in" box unchecked it seems to work fine.... let me know if that helps...

  7. The middle fabric is so cute. Yes i recognise some of the others. :) The hanging with those on is in my direct line of sight from the computer. lol Hugs,

  8. Love your block and have realized now that I signed up and promptly forgot to do a block. No lazing tomorrow then :)
    Hope the quilt show goes well.

  9. Oh Sheila, I LOVE this crazy block...I think it might be one of my favorites! That focus fabric is just soooo cute!

    I hope you have a wonderful turn out for your show.... be sure to take lots of photos if you get the time so we can all see! Sure wish I could be there in person to enjoy all the entries!



  10. Thanks for sharing the block with us! I wish that I lived close enough to attend the show.

    Have a great weekend,

  11. Gorgeous block! Love the fabrics!

  12. I didn't know you were doing this with Betsy...I have enjoyed her blocks and now I can enjoy yours. Love it!