Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A few more pictures

I hope you don't mind me sharing a few more pictures from the quilt show , I think by now you can see I was really pleased with our show ;-0
 I think you will recognize this quilt as I use it for my profile picture , it was a mystery quilt on Planet Patchwork a few years ago and my first mystery quilt , I have to say when I finished it I really was not fond of it at all so I added the baskets of flowers that I kind of flowed up to the center and I was much happier once that was added but having it hand quilted really made it pop , I am quite pleased with the overall look of it now .

In this next photo are some Bursting Buds runners that was done as a workshop with Anne and it is interesting to see the various fabrics used and how it changes the pattern .

Here you have some fractured landscapes that are the result of a workshop at a retreat in the fall with Deb Plestid, note that the picture that we used for our inspiration is hung below the landscape. Hanging next to that are some fabulous bags that were also made at a workshop taught by Wilma , I gave my bag to my Mom for mothers day so it is not here .

We had a Christmas section and this quilt by Wilma was my overall favorite in the show , just incredible , again I have the pattern and great intentions but that is as far as I got so far :-( Some day  list !

I just have to share this handcrank sewing machine , it is so nice and in such perfect condition ,I wanted to take it home but alas the owner Margaret came along ;-)

Another section with smaller items , lots of really sweet little wall hangings and a few more bags .Have I worn you out yet ? Ok just one more to go .

A mixture of projects here , always nice to look at , well I think I have show you most of what I have so  I hope you have enjoyed the Thistle Quilt show , not quite the same as being there but close  . Thanks for joing me on this little virtual tour , have yourself a great day .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Hi Sheila; never get tired of looking at pics of quilts...they are all lovely.I really like that basket of flowers you added to your profile quilt,,,It made the quilt!!

  2. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful quilts from the show. All very beautiful. The sewing machine is just wonderful. Hugs

  3. Oh what fun, I feel like I've had a day out with you Sheila.... and I love the first quilt you show.... haha... that machine is like the one I learnt on - out in the bush..... love it

  4. I love your quilt Sheila...all those runners look fantastic and what a wonderful way to display them all together. I can see why you wanted to run awy with that cute little machine. I loved seeing more of your show thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos of your quilt show! I love the fractured landscapes ones the best.

  6. Almost as good as being there...thankyou for sharing with us...xx

  7. Thank you Sheila, great fotos, wonderful quilts and bags. I think that the christmasquilt is a must have, so I´m looking forward to see yours *lol* I like what you did to your mysteryquilt, much better! I can understand, that you got dissapointed, but thank to the applications you made, your quilt is unique and beautiful.
    Liebe Grüße
    Bente ☺

  8. Here I am...late to the party again! LOL! There really were some amazing quilts and other items at your quilt show, Sheila. What a group of talented women! I think that hand crank sewing machine is so cool...too bad the owner came along before you could sweep it off to your house! LOL!!! I know one like that would be a great addition to your collection.

    Thanks so much for sharing all of these beautiful works of art!