Monday, June 27, 2011

Ready for a quilt show?

On Saturday I attended a local quilt show in a small community church with two quilting friends, Linda and Joan . I am not sure of the age of this church building but it is old and quite unique so is a great place to display quilts . I will share a few of the many quilts that were on display and I hope you will enjoy the show. One thing to note is this show includes quilts that are old as well as new , some are entirely handsewn which is amazing when you look at the size of the pieces . They have quilt hung all along the walls over windows so it does make it a little dark in there .

This is a good example of an older quilt that is stitched entirely by hand , just look at these vintage fabrics , the pieces measure about 1" even the white areas are single pieces cut at the 1" size so this is a lot of piecing , plus of course it is all hand quilted with realllllllly tiny stitches .

Another hand stitched quilt and such an interesting pattern , anyone know what this is called? Imagine dealing with all those curves , just cutting them all out would be a chore before you even took one stitch . Lots of beautiful hand quilting in this one as well .

A view of each side of the church .
This one is for the purple fans out there , isn't it beautiful .

What can I say , this one is simply stunning , the colors as well as the design , just gorgeous and so very well done with lots of lovely quilting , just love this one!

I am not sure of the age of this gorgeous piece but the lady who made it is no longer with us . It is a work of art , all silks and all hand embroidered with prairie points all along the border . This has no batting but is hand quilted , again in the most tiny stitches . After seeing this I was at a yard sale and bought six silk ties that I plan on taking apart and making some crazy blocks with , they were only $.50  each so I figured I had not much to loose and perhaps lots of interesting pieces to gain. More on those later  ;-)

It is too bad this quilt hadn't been opened up better as it is simply beautiful with all the hand applique , Margaret the owner and quilter of this gorgeous quilt does amazing work ,I'll show you a close up of one of the blocks next .

Isn't that beautiful?

This is the view of the front of the church , pretty impressive don't you think.

One local lady made these hand woven blankets , how lovely they are ,it was really nice to see them beside the quilts as they are a work of art as well .

I loved this quilt , basically a two color quilt , but just stunning and the applique in the border really adds so much to the overall design .There were of course many others I could share but this post is getting photo heavy so I won't keep you any longer but I sure hope you enjoyed your visit to this quaint country church and their annual display of the local talent . Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day .
 Hugs Sheila


  1. Oh Sheila, thank you so much for sharing the quilt show with us! It really made up for the lack of quilts at the show I attended last Friday. Every one of those quilts is absolutely gorgeous, and the workmanship is awesome. But you know me and my love for vintage fabrics...I really, really love that first one! And that church is soooo beautiful, too. It's a perfect backdrop for those lovely quilts!



  2. What an awesome show...just love all of the quilts, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful quilts! It looks like it was a wonderful show.

  4. Sheila; thank you..they are all lovely quilts...isn't that red and white one called'Robbing Peter to Pay Paul'?? I think my very favorite; hard to choose; is the last one..2 colours...

  5. So lovely to see.. thanks for sharing these....

  6. Thanks for posting about all those gorgeous quilts. I loved the one in the last photo too. Stunning. Hugs,

  7. How beautiful that was...I love going visiting with you Sheila. Those quilts looked so amazing in that little church. I loved the handpieced old quilts...we get it so easy don't we. Loved the floral applique quilt or were they pieced flowers...anyway all gorgeous. Thank you.

  8. The patern is a "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" (or robbing Paul to pay Peter, I am not sure). Regards,

  9. What a wonderful show! I always feel so at home at a quilt show. :)
    xx, shell

  10. what beautiful quilts. Thanks for the tour.
    The woven blankets are wonderful too.

  11. Thank you for taking me to another quiltshow ☺ I could use more day to look at alle those beautiful quilts, new and old as well.