Thursday, January 26, 2012

FMQ Challenge update

I'm going to share my attempts at the FMQ I have done so far in this challenge with Sew Cal Gal. .I will first show you my first try which I have shared before but will do so again to see if you see any improvement or maybe I have gotten worse ;-)
 These are my first leaves , here are my second set;
Here you will see I tried to do some swirls as well, that was fun .
 Then today I tried the leaves again with different fabric and different thread , well actually I just left the thread in that I was working with on another project and I feel this thread was not as easy to work with and also the fabric was not the best and you may have difficulty even seeing my stitching as there is not much contrast .
If I could only program myself to do a little every day I think things would come more naturally. I must say I do like doing leaves though.
 Although I don't have my block completed I thought I would also share my Hannah and Harrington BOM the new  BOM for 2012 by Shell of Raspberry Rabbits, the icon is on my sidebar , be sure to check it out , if you love wool you will love doing this cute project. I have the snowflakes embroidered and the rest is ironed on but not yet stitched .Kind of cute and now tonight perhaps I can do the stitching .
The rabbits are wool from a scarf I shrunk on purpose to use for wool projects and it is the perfect color for these adorable rabbits. The snowman is made from a jacket I also shrunk for these purposes , you have to love recycling ;-)
 Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.
 hugs Sheila


  1. You're doing well, Sheila. I haven't even gotten to my first attempt yet! I need to do that, but today I am working on the sashing for my Hop to It quilt.

  2. Your leaves look good! I've only done loops so far on my FMQ. Love your bunny block too! :0)

  3. I like your leaves and you're so right about practicing every day. I say that to myself every time I sit down to machine quilt something, but do I do it ;-)?
    I love your wool bunnies-the soft colors and texture look just right.
    Enjoy your day,

  4. great going with the fmq and your first block looks lovely, I like the subtle background colours.
    Your pinwheel border looks beautiful too.
    Well done on the Christmas crafting.

  5. your samples look great Sheila...I like the flow you have going on..and the bunnies are so cute..I linked my sample up; as you know, but I still haven't done the quilting on my sample that later on....

  6. Your stitching looks great and I love your block. I have not had time to start mine yet.

  7. The leaves are fun... great work.... I practice on anything I can find that might need quilting.... I do love the colours you have picked out for the H&H applique... and am so glad to have a fellow recycler...

  8. Your FMQ is wonderful. I love your wool bunnies. So cute.

  9. They both look pretty good to me Sheila. Your bunnies are very sweet with their frosty friend.

  10. I DO love recycling and I have lots of wool stuff I could shrink. Now, you've got me thinking!

  11. Lovely work. So glad you are doing Shell's BOM too. I look forward to watching your quilt grow.

  12. Congrats on your quilting...I think your leaves look great!

  13. -Sheila, it looks very good!
    I love this Bunny BoM, but now ich can´t allowe myself to start one more BoM, so I´ll just enjoy to follow your bunnies going ahead.
    Liebe Grüße