Wednesday, February 29, 2012


After today I am not so sure that FMQ is for me , feathers were a real challenge ,my brain can't seem to wrap itself around these at all . I made three attempts and with very limited improvement . The part I find the most difficult is the echo quilting , I can't seem to get that even at all .I need a lot more practice but this month I simply did not have the time I had hoped to work on this . Here are my three attempts .
 The one on the right was my first attempt , the one in the top right was my second attempt , it was actually worse so then I decided to go bigger , sometimes bigger is better , well not always and not in this case , I am a little disappointed but will not quit until I make a decent feather . Thanks to Sew Cal Gal for making this challenge possible . I'm off to practice some more . Thanks for the visit.
hugs Sheila


  1. Good for you, Shieila. I intended to do this challenge and am getting waylaid with hand quilting! Chuckle...Have a great day looking out at your winter wonderland and sewing!

  2. Well, it doesn't look so bad to me. But I can understand how you feel. I am very picky about how I do things, too. Just keep practicing; that's pretty much the key to everything!

    Hope you have a great day, and I will be writing you either later today or tomorrow!



  3. Hey - at least you're trying! I tried to quilt some small circles for holly berries, and they were a disaster. haven't really tried free motion yet.

  4. Speaking as a non sewer (is that a word?) it looks fine to me.
    Keep practicing though, you will certainly get there.

  5. Sheila I get frustrated with feathers too... but they do improve... I'm not sure how long we have to practice for though!!! once those are on a 'busy' fabric it will look much better...

  6. Thanks for stopping by Sheila...there is nothing wrong with your feathers....FMQ intimidates me to death. but I am going to try to keep going

  7. Dear Sheila,
    nobody is perfect, me either *lol*
    I´m looking forward to see next months challenger.

  8. Feathers can be challenging. My tip is to practice with pen and lots of paper. Just do them over and over again. It will soon flow a lot more easily. Good luck.

  9. Good for you!!! Your feathers look really good!!! Trust me. It's hard to train your brain, it'll get much better with practice. I totally understand being critical of your work. I am my own worst enemy and biggest critic. I never think my quilting looks nice until after I'm done, even then it's hard for me not to see my mistakes. Luckily, no one else looks at my work like that! :-)