Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesdays Treasures

This week Melody our hostess for Tuesdays Treasures suggested we share our pets and since I adore my dog Luke I will share a few photos . First let me tell you a little about Luke, he is now 6 years old and is a Labradoodle , his mom is a purebred standard poodle and his dad a purebred chocolate lab . We bought Luke in Saskatchewan while visiting our son ,  he was 10 weeks old and  we brought him home on the plane in a carry on dog carrier that he was actually too big for but we didn't want him down in the cold belly of the plane it was in March so still much too cold in our opinion to do that so we talked our way into him coming with us and he didn't give us even a peep .
 This is my all time favorite photo of Luke , the field was completely covered with dandelions , I know they are nasty weeds but they are incredibly beautiful in massive numbers like this.
 Luke is very good with children and this past weekend we were fortunate enough to have our granddaughters Nila and Elise stay with us ,they just adore him and are constantly hugging him which he loves too. This next photo is with Nila , she had just taken him in from outdoors and decided to sit with him for a while.
 Nila wanted this taken for her journal , she kept a lovely daily journal of her time with us . Nila is celebrating a birthday today ,Happy Birthday Nila!!
 As you can see Luke is a little shaggy at the moment but we usually let it grow for warmth in winter as he does love to romp in the snow .
 Although this picture was taken in last January it could easily be today as we are having a storm at the moment ,kind of looks like a snow globe right now , so pretty but it did mean no quilting for me today which is probably not a bad thing as I need to clean up the house after my weekend guests ;-)
 Thanks for stopping by , hope you enjoyed getting to know Luke , I would recommend this breed , they make lovely pets . hugs Sheila


  1. I have never heard of a labrodoodle what an interesting mix they are so diff. in size anyway he is a real pretty dog I love his coloring ,he seems like a very nice dog.

  2. So sweet! Luke looks like such a sweetheart! So nice that he loves the grandkids too!

  3. Luke is lovely he looks like a gentle giant.

  4. Luke looks like a great companion! Enjoy your snow, we have coming our way. Woohoo!

  5. Dear Sheila,
    Luke sure is adorable, and Nila too!
    Happy Birthday to you Nila ♥
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Your Luke is adorable! He looks like the perfect fur member for your family. :)

  7. I just came over from Valentinas, as I spotted the post about Luke on her side bar.
    What a truly gorgeous dog he is and obviously much loved family member. He looks like a bigger cousin to our 2 dogs.
    There are many labradoodles here in England they are very popular, although I have mainly seen gold or black ones.
    Nice to have "met you"!
    blessings, Kath

  8. Luke is a very handsome boy. Children and a dog make a great team.
    Hope the housework gets done quickly and you can get back to quilting!

  9. Who cares about it's breed. We love our pets for what they are and yours seems wonderful.

  10. Luke looks lovely.. it is so nice tohave pets that enjoy the grandies too! Hope you keep warm...

  11. Luke is just so handsome. I love him in the dandelions.

  12. Handsome puppy....we used to have dogs...up until about 7 years ago....loved them

  13. Luke is gorgeous. Nila is such a sweetie. Happy Birthday Nila. Hugs,

  14. Lovely photos, Luke looks and sounds like a wonderful dog to have!

  15. he is a beautiful dog Sheila and lovely pics.xx

  16. I loved reading about your wonderful Luke. He looks like a real sweetie. I was especially thrilled to hear that you got him in Saskatchewan as that is home for me! Happy sewing!

  17. Just came by to have a peek at your Labradoodle that you told me about. He is gorgeous. I have never seen a dark coloured labradoodle before. I do agree with you, they are a terrific breed. So gentle and very intelligent.
    xxx Cath
    Bits 'n Bobs