Friday, March 16, 2012

Three little baskets and a few wins

I had so much fun making the 12 Days of Christmas mini with Temecula Quilt that when they announced the little basket mini I knew I just had to join in but was swamped with other projects so kept it in the back of my mind until today .I had to make three baskets to get caught up and they are very tiny so not a lot of fabric required .I am using the leftovers from my Louisa quilt , yeah I still have a few scraps and I love these fabrics so amd making good use of them.
 Aren't they cute , they measure 4.5" so those triangles are super small .I have always loved minis so this is fun .I received this cute Easter Postcard yesterday in the mail , it was a bit of a surprise as it came from Miriam in Ireland and I wasn't expecting it to arrive so soon , I did not even start mine yet , yikes ! Maybe I should be making postcards not baskets lol!
 Isn't this adorable , just love that egg :-)
 Now I am somewhat embarrassed here as I should have posted about these a long time ago and I don't want  it to look like I did not appreciate the wonderful goodies I received as nothing could be further from the truth , I love each and everything but well I guess I am just slack and I am sorry for that .
 I won these lovely blue fabrics as well as two great patterns from Marjorie  ,thanks so much Marjorie , I will be sure to enjoy using these lovely blues :-) Marjorie does incredible hand quilting so be sure to take a visit you won't be disappointed .
I also won some thread samples from World of Charity ,I was really happy about this as I have wanted to try Aurifil threads and this is my chance . I had no idea they had so many varieties of threads .

 I also won these wonderful batiks from Quilt Inspiration , check them out they always have such great quilts to share , at the moment they have great photos of quilts on display at a show in Arizona .
I have my fabrics all washed and ready for the borders on my anniversary challenge piece and really want to sew those on but receiving that postcard has me realizing I better get myself into action and get those three cards ready and posted off so they will arrive before Easter . I am hip hopping my way to the sewing machine right now .Enjoy your day and thanks for the visit.
 hugs Sheila


  1. love the baskets Sheila....and your is exciting to win things.
    I so want to try some of those threads;enjoy

  2. Super small and cute baskets! You're having lots of exciting wins these days.

  3. I love your baskets! I'm also planning to make that quilt and hope to start in a day or two. Congrats for all your lovely winnings...always nice to have things ready for your next project!

  4. Hi sheila, conratulations!
    It seems as if you have a run right now ☺ So nice gifts to won!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Love those cute little baskets. The postcard is cute. Congrat's on your wins. Hugs,

  6. Your little baskets are so cute! Awesome winnings.

  7. WooHoo Sheila... you are on a good luck roll! Go girl! :)

  8. Hi Sheila,congrats on your wins and your baskets are really cute,well done.xx

  9. I'm enjoying those baskets too...which reminds me I should probably quilt my 12 days of Christmas. Aren't they sweet to have these free blocks? I donated to their charity to thank them.

    Happy Sewing

  10. such lovely little baskets... it's great to use up favourite fabric too.... great wins.. those will keep you out of trouble for a while...

  11. Your little baskets are lovely, congrats on all your wonderful wins!

  12. Wow, those baskets are small. I'm always in awe of people who can make mini blocks like that. Great job, Sheila!

  13. Your little baskets are very cute. It is a tempting project isn't it? Those blocks are only little.
    A lovely assortment of goodies have found their way to your door.

  14. I love baskets....

    Great wins...enjoy..

    I love that quilt below...amazing!

  15. Congratulations on the wins. I can't believe I waited so long to visit you. I'm having so much fun catching up.