Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday sure seems to roll around quickly ,here we are half way through the month already , time sure flies .Before I give an update I want to wish Roger our middle son Happy Birthday ,have a wonderful day Roger :-)
Six years ago today we also added our labradoodle Luke to our family , now that is really hard to believe as he still acts like a puppy , he travelled all the way from Saskatchewan with us and has been a huge part of our lives ever since.
Now back to my WIP , I'll share a couple of small finishes first , the I spy placemats are now completed ,even did  some FMQ using this months loops and stars , found this much easier than feathers , in fact I enjoyed it .Did I say that?
Here is a close up of those loops :-)

Then there is all this talk about Bingo cards so I just had to join in the fun with Hillybilly Handiwork and make a card,you will find all the rules and dates for the games to begin  HERE  . I did extend the length of the card so this could be used as a placemat by my grandchildren when they visit , this was a suggestion from Fiona of Bubzrugz.
I have not yet gotten my paper written with the names of each block but will get to that shortly.
I finished off the red work on another of Kaaren's Friday Freebies , I had this traced off right away but just got around to starting this the other night .Thanks to Kaaren for being so generous with her lovely designs,now I need to decide on a border for this sweet little stitchery.
Ok now it is confession time , I had to force myself to go back and work on this project this morning , it isn't that I don't like the project it is just that I really do not like PP and was not looking forward to doing more of it but since I had it all started and partly finished I put the pedal to the medal and have just one more of these sections to PP then I can sew the sections together ,whew .No big deal right :-)
Here is a preview of what this may eventually look like , I know I will still have to push myself to the finish line here folks.
 Of course it will also have the dark arc in the right hand side piece ,that is fun , well not really . Oh I know I shouldn't be complaining it will be well worth it in the end , I do love the fabrics and the finished projects I have seen were spectacular so I will focus on that and get this done , are you smiling now Anne . To be fair we had a wonderful instructor for this project , Anne did a fantastic job and gave us a few tips I had not previously used for PP which helped immensely and this morning when I started this I added a little thing of my own , I was having some trouble trying to judge how far to place my fabrics to be sure to cover all the seam allowances on both ends with the curved shape it is for me more challenging ,however I traced the outside edge of the finished project pieces on the back of the foundation paper so I could see where things had to cover easily and found this really helped , not one mistake using this method. Wish me luck with the completion of this table topper , hopefully by next week I can show you the completed top ,it may not be quilted but it is my goal to have it sewn together .
 I am also planning on having my banner completed , have it sewn together now , all applique completed but can't decide on a border fabric and seems I will have to go shopping , what a shame , sometimes you have to sacrifice when you are a quilter . Well I think I have kept you long enough , I am linking up today to the Needle and Thread network so be sure to hop on over and see what others are up to this week and thanks ever so much for stopping by.
 Hugs Sheila


  1. Everything is beautiful Sheila. I especially love the pp project; very nice work. And you FMQ is wonderful!
    I haven't tried the stars yet. With the loops; I find I try to force the machine around the have to slow down and relax. but it went ok.Thanks for comment on mine...appreciate it

  2. So sorry you'll have to do a sacrificial shopping trip, a quilter's life is hard.....
    Your paper-piecing is awesome, and you chose lovely colours. I can't wait to see the top finished. Good luck!

  3. The eye spy placemats are such a good idea!I hear ya on the PP. Lovely but not so lovely to be doing. Some people are just so relaxed in doing them. I am not.

  4. your placemats look bright and cheery, thought they were bingo cards as well at first glance.
    Love your paper piecing. The fabrics are really lovely. Can't wait to see it sewn up.

  5. Happy birthday Roger... life is really tough when you have to go fabric shopping so you have my thoughts!!! love your bingo card and the placemats.... yay with the FMQ - we are both making progress... would you believe it I have taken out a foundation project... I have only done a tiny bit so I have been hesitating... you are inspirational...

  6. Your Beauty is coming along wonderfully. Hang in there. The end result is so worth it. Love your placemats. Cute idea.

  7. happy birthday Roger.Boy Sheila you have been very busy,lovely work,well done.xx

  8. Lots of beautiful projects Sheila. Your pp is stunning! Well worth your efforts

  9. Paper piecing can be really frustrating sometimes - I hate it when I waste fabric by cutting a piece too small. Love your I Spy placemats. I might emulate them...

  10. I think you are doing a great job with your pp. Ggood on you for continuing to work on it ..... it will be a beauty when done. Your mfq looks pretty good to. I have not yet worked on that ..... maybe this weekend.... but that still only 2 days am I going to get everything done that I would like to do this weekend.... I'll have to short list myself.
    in stitches

  11. You have been busy working on all your lovely projects.
    Your pp looks fabulous.
    I see you have completed your bingo card as well. good on ya!!!!