Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning coming down

What possessed me to give it that title is beyond me but here goes . It is a wet and dreary day here on the east coast not my kind of day to say the least but will make the best of it .
 I will show you a photo of our weeping ornamental cherry tree that is now in full bloom , just looking at that makes a person smile. OOPS , just realized I didn't have the pictures in the computer yet .Ok here we go.
 Gorgeous huh ! The nice part about spring is all the lovely new growth and seeing flowers of any kind is a good thing after the long days of winter :-)
 On Saturday I went to visit my dear friend Dianne and delivered the crazy patch blocks that are part of an international Round Robin we have been taking part it . I won't show you all the blocks because Dianne may want to do that later but I will share the block I made for her . This was my first time doing a crazy patch RR and I have to tell you I found it quite challenging to think of what to add to the blocks but at the same time I truly enjoyed seeing all the blocks that came my way each month , wow there is some gorgeous work involved ,some way  beyond my abilities . My blocks are not yet back to me , Janet(no blog) probably has them now and she still has plenty of time before the next deadline . I had finished Dianne's so thought it would be nice to pass them on .Ok I am rambling again , here is the block .
  Actually it is not the best picture but it will give you an idea of what I did . I am not the best at embroidery but I love trying to expand my library of stitches . It will be nice to see what Dianne does with her blocks , they are gorgeous.
 Remember how I told you I am easily distracted well the other day I came across some hst's that I had left over from a project I had made for my sister many moons ago , there were not that many but I just had to come up with a plan RIGHT then , you know how it is ,or do you ? Anyway I started to sew them together in the most pleasing way possible , and they were not all perfect but we managed to get them together and then I thought some applique would be a fun addition .Flowers were cut and ironed on , you have to love heat n' bond lite , hmm , what next , hey I want to learn some thread painting so this was a possible solution to the center of the flowers as I had no desire to deal with a small circle of fabric to applique  . On with some decorative threads and just went for it , I love doing this and will try now to expand my applications of this to other projects . It is far from perfect but the process was such fun .I even did some FMQ in the shape of flowers and leaves which turned out quite well if I do say so myself .
Are you playing along with the Bingo games , I have come to the conclusion I am not born to play bingo , I think I have like two buttons so far , pathetic huh . Oh well I will check todays list and maybe I will fair a little better .
 I worked on the borders for the Pam Buda  Patchwork Pockets sew along , have all the pieces made but not sewn together yet , that is a lot of small pieces to deal with but oh I am in love with this little quilt and you know I managed to get this made with using just one FQ of the black and although it was real close I did it .yeah. The light tan color was left over from my Oriental Beauty and I came within an inch of not having enough of that , seriously I didn't think it was going to be possible but the fabric gods were with me ;-)
 Anyone for carrot  pineapple cake , no icing on it yet as it is cooling but it smells wonderful , carrot cake is my all time favorite dessert.  The larger of these cakes will be delivered in the morning to the hospital as a Celebration Cake to a patient who has just completed Chemo treatments . Our little church group has been making cakes for a number of years for this very worthwhile cause so I hope my cake will be enjoyed by the lady who receives it .
This is a very large recipe and the cake has to fit in a specific cake container so I used two pans and that way I will also get to celebrate !
 Time to think about lunch , all this talk about cake and the aroma of it is making me hungry , go ahead take a piece from the smaller cake . Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a wonderful day .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Oh I love the weeping cherry tree. They are so pretty in springtime. All the flowering trees are.

    I love your crazy block and the thread painting you did on the other is very good. I should try that sometime!

    Have a wonderful week and I hope the sun shines soon. It's rainy and dreary here today too.


  2. Oh it is rainy and miserable here today as well, but we have had a couple of sunny days so I suppose I can't complain.
    You have been busy with your baking and sewing. Your cakes by the way look lovely - what a nice thing to do for somebody finishing chemo!
    Your weeping cherry is very pretty - blossom always looks lovely.
    Hope your weather improves soon. :)

  3. Pretty Cherry tree..
    Your crazy patch block is lovely.. what a nice thing for you all to do.
    Your blocks are coming together nicely.
    Yum I am flying over for some of theat delicious cake.

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  5. I love the cherry tree. I never seem to see the same kind of blossoms on trees here in Queensland. We have fruit trees so they obviously do but because we do not have such definite changes in season, I never notice. Your crazy patch is beautiful as is the stitching! I hope the weather fines up soon and that cake looks yummy too.

  6. What a wonderful post! I love your projects, and I think that you do wonderful embroidery! I have been hearing that the wether has not been very nice since I've been away, but here it is lovely! Lots of sunshine, but still a little cool. That cake sure looks yummy, and Pam's quilt is gorgeous! So glad you had enough of the fabric! Enjoy the rest of the day!

  7. Your crazy block is lovely, all your embroidery looks beautiful and your thread painting is lovely too. Delicious sounding cake!

  8. Your blocks are fabulous....hey, save me a piece of your cake, be right over!!

  9. Your distraction project is very cute and your crazy patch also lovely. What a neat idea to give a Celebration Cake to chemo patients. Pineapple carrot cake sounds delicious!

  10. Everything is beautiful....your flower piece is really great. You did a wonderful job with it!! And the cake....well!!!

  11. Dianne's block looks great. I hope she sends us a photo of them all. All your projects looks great. Love the Cherry tree. Hugs,

  12. I'm so glad you got the pictures downloaded... so much to see... I love the cherry tree... so pretty... and your sewing is lovely as always.... I especially like how you used up your hst and did some stitching art on the flowers... yummy cake... have never thought of including pineapple... are you going to share the recipe??? or is it a family secret?

  13. your crazy block has lots of gorgeous additions and you have done a great job with your left over triangles. The embellishments on the flowers looks great too.
    thanks for the cake, it will go well with the cup of tea I have ready.

  14. Where to begin... I LoVe the flower block... have stolen THAT idea! Also the colours in the stars are just stunning!.. and the bloom-so pretty! What a lovely visit today (as always)..thanks for sharing! :)

  15. A delightful post. Love the blocks and the stitching. Drooling at the sight of those delicious cakes.

  16. lovely happy post Sheila and i think i can smell those yummy cakes,lol.xx

  17. Your weeping cherry is so pretty. They are beautiful at this time.
    I think your embroidery and applique on the projects looks perfect.
    The cakes look delicious. So much going on at your place!

  18. Great projects Sheila. I love the little play block that you made with the thread painted flowers. That is the kind of quilting play that I love the most - just going with whatever strikes your fancy.

  19. Your gorgeous cherry tree made me smile too. Thank you for sharing it Sheila. I love your crazy patch. You have done a wonderful job of it. Love your stars and little block too.