Friday, May 11, 2012

The postman arrived :-) and a Mom's pride

What better way to start your Friday than with a visit from the postman carrying a squishy , such was the case for me today . Some time ago I signed up for an apron swap on the Down to Earth blog and my partner was Sue of Fairytales and Goblins blog , today the apron she made for me arrived along with a postcard of her area and a recipe for a date cake that I will have to try out . Thanks so much Sue I appreciate the sweet apron in a lovely bright red .
And now for a better picture of the apron , I had to use the office chair as my model :-) Isn't it great !!
Talking about chairs I just have to share what I took out of the wheels of the chair I use for sewing . I was vacuuming yesterday and noticed some thread sticking out from under the wheel so pulled on it but it resisted my tug so I turned the chair over and this is what I took from around the wheels , amazing they even moved at all.
As I have mentioned I have been  sewing along with Joanne of Thread Head with her little mini and this morning I sewed on the borders and then added the applique using her method and it had been a while since I have done machine applique this way so wasn't sure how that was going to go but it actually worked well . I think my fabrics could have been better chosen but I still love it and really enjoyed making each and every part . Thanks so much Joanne , now to get it machine quilted , Joanne has given us some wonderful ideas of ways to accomplish that so I will give that a try as well , probably not today though.
 I know this may sound like I am bragging and I guess I am but I want to share a little fact with you , our oldest son Robert is with the RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and is presently part of the musical ride ,I shared some of this last summer when they were in Nova Scotia, this year they have the honor of performing for the Queen for her Jubilee .
Here is my handsome son , always with a smile on his face :-0 Seeing Rob riding a horse brings tears to my eyes , silly maybe but it does and to be riding in front of the Queen , well I will need a shipment of tissue ;-)
Here he is touring Windsor Castle a couple of days ago .
 Pretty awesome experience for him and it sure makes us proud , my only regret is not being there to watch the events . He was interviewed by CBC and from what he said that will be broadcast Sunday at sometime so I will have to be watching . We love you Rob and are extremely proud of all you have accomplished .
 Thanks for stopping by today and have the best day ever .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Awww. You Sheila, you should be so proud of your son and there's nothing wrong with that! How awesome is that?! I can see why you would need a shipment of tissues:) That had me choked up:)

    Love your mini you are working on and I think your fabrics are just stunning together.

    That is such a sweet apron. Will we ever get tired of wearing them? I don't think so!! Just lovely.

  2. Oh my goodness...what a fabulous the apron, love your Friendship quilt, and then to see and read about your wonderful! Have a wonderful Mother's Day...I know you will!

  3. You are already having magnificant Mother's Day(s)


  4. Wow Sheila that is fantastic for Rob. Almost has me in tears. :) Love the apron. The quilt is lovely. Happy Mother's Day. Hugs,

  5. Your apron is really lovely - love the red colour!!!
    No wonder you are a proud mum - that is quite an achievement for him. He looks perfectly as ease on the horse.
    Good luck to him.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. So glad it finally arrived.

    Enjoy the apron and of course the recipe. A favourite in my house and at work.

  7. WOW... you should be proud of your son too! Very handsome as well!
    Love the apron.. so cheery! :)

  8. Wow... what an awesome experience for Rob... I am the same... would be weeping with pleasure and pride....
    such pretty fabric in that apron... and I had better check out my sewing room wheels!!

  9. How wonderful for Rob! Yes, I believe you are having a most wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

  10. Send me your address, and I'll send a box of tissues! You have every right to be so proud of your son. Happy Mother's Day!!

  11. You have every right to be a proud parent. This is a wonderful achievement. Congratulations!

  12. nothing wrong with being a proud Mum. Well done him and how lovely for you!

  13. No wonder you are a proud Mum. What a handsome young man in his Mounty uniform and to be performing in front of the Queen. What an honour.
    Lovely apron you recieved and your mini is so cute.

  14. what a wonderful young man,no wonder you are so proud,and what a lovely apron Sheila,enjoy your dat tomorrow.xx

  15. What a neat little quilt! One of the things I love about reading your blog is you're always trying different things. It helps me to get out of the doing the same thing rut :-)
    You're a mom, so talk away about your great son! Congrats on his neat career and the chance of a lifetime to ride before royalty.

  16. You have every reason to be be proud of your son!!!!
    I love how your little quilt turned out and the colors. Looking forward to seeing you quilt it!!!