Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WIP and some mail

I know it is only Tuesday but I am reporting my week in progress a day early as tomorrow is going to be a very busy day , hey this time of year is busy everyday :-)Before I get to my progress I want to share some mail I have recently received .
I have a birthday coming up real soon and my friend Annette of In Stitches and Seams  was so sweet to send me this hand crafted bracelet ,take a close look at what is engraved on this cute little bracelet.
Pretty special don't you think , thanks so much Annette I really love it !!
I also took part in a postcard exchange in November and maybe you will remember my boot , well I received two of the three postcards that I am expecting so I want to share them with you now.
This one traveled from Boise Idaho , isn't it cute , I just love all that glitter,I hear Cinderella is looking for this shoe  . The second one is really quite unique and at first I wasn't sure which way the shoes were suppose to be but once I read the note on the back it all made perfect sense.
Judy lives in Saskatchewan and she says " Dear Sheila, Is this where elves get there shoes ?" I suspect it is Judy , so cute.
 Okay do you really want to know what progress I have made , it has been a busy week and I will show you a couple of finishes first.
First off this little apron for my granddaughter who loves to help her mother bake and prepare meals and when we were visiting she was wearing a much too small for her apron I had made years ago for her older brother so time to fix that problem .
 Now I couldn't very well make one for Sophia without also making one for Isaac so this is my apron for him , he is not the splashy kind of guy so I left it very plain but nice and sturdy too as this is a light weight denim .
This one is a work in progress that I can't share just now .I do have other things in the works but no photos to show at the moment , lets just say my sewing room is a mess right now ;-) When I am creating I tend to mess things up but it will eventually get straightened out, those little elves that left their shoes are sure to clean up for me don't you think ;-)
 Now this has nothing to do with my sewing progress nor gifts received but I wanted to share the visitor I had early yesterday morning . I had taken our labradoodle Luke out the front door and then came back in to start preparing breakfast and there in my kitchen window was this beautiful creature looking back at me. I was really glad Luke had gone out the other door and not disturbed my visitor .
If you look very closely on the right hand side down in the grass area you will see the top of another set of ears .Isn't he a handsome fellow , I say he as he was standing there stomping on the ground with his feet watching me and moving closer to me then I could see him snort so Bill felt it was likely a young buck warning the others of my presence . Now if I was a hunter this would have been an easy target but I could never aim a gun at something this beautiful .
My pleasure is in just watching them and it is not like they are rare in these parts as there were five in our yard eating apples from under our trees the other evening but seeing them is always special for me ,I love those big brown eyes  and that majestic chest , oh and I can't forget that flag that goes up when they run from something they fear or startles them .
I am linking up today to the Needle and Thread Network , be sure to check it out and see what everyone has been working on this week and thanks so much for stopping by .
 Hugs Sheila


  1. What a sweet bracelet! I love the aprons too. And the deer of course! :0)

  2. Sweet aprons you made for your little ones!

  3. What a neat bracelet!! You've been quite busy-nice aprons. The shoe postcards made me laugh, especially the second one, so creative. Great photos of the deer.
    Have a great day,

  4. I am sew happy you like your braclet. ANd you sure have been busy with the aprons and post cards. I have to get on those too.
    take care
    in stitches

  5. What a lovely visit today Sheila... LOVE your bracelet from your friend. Merry Christmas :)

  6. Lovely bracelet. Love the aprons. The postcards gave me a smile. Great photo's of the deer. Hugs,

  7. Great gift Sheila and I love the postcards.

  8. How cute is that gift ... very unique... I must make a small apron... widget complained the other day that there wasn't one... what a wonderful visitor you had Sheila...

  9. Happy Birthday to you real soon! Love the bracelet and those postcards are wonderful! Great little aprons! And so nice that you have company in your back yard! Enjoy the week!

  10. gorgeous bracelet Sheila and love those postcards.xx

  11. very pretty bracelet, a lovely personal touch.
    love your little visitors.

  12. Gorgeous bracelet, and such a fun idea to exchange postcards! Really love your deer too!

  13. This is so cool...it is my niece, Melissa, who makes those stamped metal bracelets !!
    cute postcards and aprons too!

  14. gorgeous postcards, but not so much the deer! it is rutting season and my dh has been charged twice in the last couple of weeks by bucks protecting their ladies - my dh does late in the day deliveries and sees alot of wildlife, he is not too happy with the deer right now!

  15. Great aprons, Sheila! I like the idea of doing it in denim. My 8 year old has outgrown his so I may make one like yours.

  16. Lovely gifts for you and I love the aprons you made, especially the girly one! Lovely photos of the deer, how nice to have them nearby.

  17. You were early, and I'm late - just catching up with the WIP Wednesday posts now!

    Love all your cards - and the deer are beautiful. You're very lucky to have such close access!

  18. Sheila; Happy Birthday.....I love your bracelet...Annette is very talented. And that shoe postcard....is to die for!! I love heels...lol

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my feature post.