Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It is Wednesday again so time to share what progress I made this week . I finished making the 48 log cabin blocks for Darlene's mystery quilt but do not have them attached to the quilt just yet but here is how they are looking on my design wall, they won't all fit but you will get the idea.
I am really loving this quilt so far :-)
I sent off three quilts to Lynda of Fiddle Stitches to be machine quilted and was pleased to receive those on Tuesday ,so far I have made bindings for this one ,
This has been around for a while and was a BOM that I took part in a while back and I am really pleased with the quilting Lynda did to complete this , now I just need to sew that binding down and it is complete.
Then there is this one ...
This is my country sampler which I will share once that binding is sewn down , I do have it sewn to the quilt .
And finally this one , my nine patch quilt which I will need to buy some fabric for the binding .
I am also want to share my cottage quilt so you can see that I have made some progress there as well .
This is likely my last turn , I think I can reach to complete this border or I will try ,so close :-)
Now to change the subject we finally have some blessed sun , how wonderful it is to step outside to sunshine instead of rain and cold weather . So I just had to grab my camera and take a few photos of the apple trees in bloom  .
This is a flowering crab apple tree , just loaded with blooms , gorgeous , you can see another in the background too . Then there is this little one , also a crab but a different variety  and not quite open yet.
I love forget me knots they are one of my favorite flowers and I am pleased they are growing well in my little flower bed , so pretty .
I am not much of a gardener , love flowers but I am too lazy to weed ,I do try to maintain my gardens but don't do the best job , I'd rather be quilting  ;-)
Now I know these are just weeds but you have to admit they are pretty , how can you not possibly like this magnificent sea of yellow .
Our mower was on the fritz so this did not get mowed yet but I quite like it  .
 I am linking up today to the Needle and Threadnetwork  as well as with Carrie for Just UFO'S , I was successful in completing my messenger bag which was on my list and you can see that post here and I also made lots of progress on my quilt but sadly my other little mini did not see much stitching , better luck next month .
Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy your day .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Sheila; I just love your mystery quilt!! Everything about is lovely; color pattern...your work. And nice job on getting all of those quilts done up. I just spent the last 2 days weeding and mulching flower beds. They are a huge job; but another day; and I will be finished!! Then it will be time to start over and keep them Then hopefully we will ge the vegie garden in.

  2. That's quite the mystery quilt -- the log cabin border will look great when it's all applied. And doesn't it feel good to have some pieces being finished? :-)

  3. Amazing mystery quilt... Wow Sheila a lot of stitching going on...Hugs & Chat Soon..!!

  4. Wow! your mystery quilt looks really great so far.
    Looks like you will have some more finishes done soon.
    Love your spring photos.

  5. a lovely group of quilts Sheila... looking forward to seeing those other finishes...
    I love spring flowers too... and yes, even weeds can look pretty too!

  6. You know what I'm going to say...I love your mystery quilt! Your fabrics work so well! Your pumpkin quilt is so sweet, and looking forward to some reveals of those other quilts! Cottage quilt is such a everything!

  7. you have lots of beautiful projects on the go Sheila and love those nature pics,what a pretty place,have a good day my friend.xx

  8. Your quilts are all looking so lovely Sheila, you are good at what you do!!!
    It is nice to see the sun isn't it? It is now a wee bit warmer here - I think we can finally put the winter jackets away (I hope I haven't spoken to soon). Your garden is looking lovely and colourful. :)

  9. Your mystery quilt is wonderful Sheila as well as your other projects.

  10. So many beautiful quilts. Hugs.....

  11. Love the Mystery quilt! How large will it be? I started that pumpkin quilt BOM, but didn't make it very far. I wonder if it's too late now - I really like yours. Thanks for the Spring pictures. Our trees are finished blooming, and most of the summer flowers haven't quite taken off yet.

  12. That mystery quilt is great! And the pretty dandelions! My grandson gave me a bouquet of them on Sunday - I loved it!

  13. The mystery quilt is looking wonderful. The 3 quilts look fabulous. Love the garden photo's. Hugs,xx.

  14. I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's 'Darlene mystery' quilts - yours is lovely also :-) Also love your little pumpkin one and looking forward to seeing the other two. So nice to see your spring flowers and garden...very pretty.

  15. Your quilts are beautiful, Sheila, and so is your spot on the globe.
    Visiting your blog is always a pleasure and very inspirational to me.


  16. The mystery quilt s looking great - I'm sure it will be beautiful! Great to see you have had some sun and the pcs of your flowers are lovely

  17. I am so enjoying seeing that mystery quilt come together. It's already stunning!

  18. Wonderful to see that you got so much done!