Sunday, June 2, 2013

Make that two :-)

On this sunny Sunday I am happy to share that I have completed not one but two of my projects , yeah !! Which one would you like to see first , maybe the oldest of the two , ok .
This Autumn Bounty , a free BOM  a year ago here, the pattern is still available if you are interested in trying it , I enjoyed this project as it was a great way to use some scraps. I am over the moon happy to have this finished , it took me a while but all good things come to those who wait lol!
Next is my Simple Country Sampler by the Rabbit Factory , I did change it up a bit by adding an extra row .
If you recall I photographed this on the railing when it was just a top so I thought it was fitting to do so again now that it is completed. I had this machine quilted by Lynda at Fiddle Stitches in Mabou and I am very pleased . Again a great fun quilt to make , just loved every part of it and I really did use scraps on this one too , if you knew my other work you would see lots of bits and pieces from lots of other projects , the only fabric I purchased for this project was the backing even my binding is pieced , how great is that . You know the funny thing is I could quite easily make this again without going to the fabric shop , do you think I have too much fabric or maybe too many scraps .
Here it is spread out on the grass so you get a better idea of how it looks , the last row is an extra and the rooster pattern was not in the quilt pattern either ,I love my rooster and my cat both additions.
All rolled up in the crook of our maple tree , I always wanted to do this ;-)
Now the surprise of the day is this quilt , are you ready ?
That's right it is off the frame and is now trimmed up and ready for binding , I actually forgot what this looked like it was on there so long , sad really as it is not a large quilt and should not have taken me that long but such is life right  .
Want to see my mushroom ? I found an appropriate dish on the weekend , not quite what I was hoping for but it did work and I was surprised how difficult it was to find a clear glass dish so I grabbed this one in hopes it would work and I think it does  .
Kind of cute don't you think , thanks to Fiona of Bubzrubz fame for sharing this cute idea , I love it ! And now for a more natural setting for a mushroom , here it sits in my garden , not quite sure if this is the final resting spot but it was the first place I placed it and there it sits for now.

Kind of hidden so I may have to choose a better spot later on . I will be looking for other glassware for more mushrooms to join this one , after all mushrooms usually are found in multiples .
 So that is it for today , I am off now to enjoy this glorious sunshine , don't want to waste a nice day . Hope you enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila


  1. You've been busy! Love all the quilts, and I'm happy that you've finished them. I really like the mushroom idea, I hadn't seen them before. Good luck in your quest to grow more.

  2. Great finishes. The Autumn Bounty looks wonderful but the Sampler is gorgeous! Well done.

  3. A busy lady indeed... love the quilts and now that I know about the mushroom I am going to try one in my garden as well.. Enjoy this Sunny Sunday !!!

  4. a labour of love well done ... love them all... and I just might have to copy your mushroom idea... love it ...

  5. Sheila, your finished quilts are fabulous! So nice to see those cottages quilted and ready. Hope to see them at your guild's show in June?

  6. Both quilts are beautiful Love the cat & rooster additions. The mushroom is cute. Hugs,xx.

  7. Wow Sheila, you are one busy lady. Every one a winner too - they are all lovely.
    Hope you enjoyed your sunshine. It has been lovely and sunny here today too. Here's to many more sunny days :))

  8. those quilts are just lovely and you have taken such great pictures of them too... there is something about a rolled up quilt in a tree that I love!! Great mushroom - they are so easy and fun hey?
    So the cottages is nearly done.... oooohh...

  9. Wow Sheila. Fabulous finishes.

  10. It feels sooo good to finish a project! Your finishes are wonderful!

  11. Some wonderful finishes! The Autumn Bounty looks really wonderful. And the mushroom too. Great idea!