Friday, June 14, 2013

Country side photos in spring

Last evening the sun came out for a brief time so my hubby and I headed out for a country drive . I love driving through the back roads of this county , it is good for the soul and balances me .
Isn't this tree magnificent , I have no idea what variety it is but I sure do love it .
The roadsides are presently dotted with the colorful lupins , gorgeous flowers .

A little closer view  , love the variety in this batch , sometimes they are all purples.
Just look how green the vegetation is along the river , we have had lots of rain so the water levels are quite high .
A field of wildflowers , so very pretty and smelled lovely too .
Another view of these flowers .
I love the color of the water here and the little water falls is rather nice and not sure you can see them in this photo but there were two fishermen hoping to catch some trout .
A true sign of spring , shaky legged  foals , so cute , the other foal just laid  there and had no desire to have its picture taken and neither did the Mom's  .
The view from up here was incredible, not that visible in this photo but it is a panoramic view of the countryside ,the hills and valleys , I  just liked this bend in the road with the little barn with the rusty roof . Ah yes it was indeed a pleasant drive through the back roads of Pictou County ,thanks Bill.
I am off now to prepare for the quilt show tomorrow , be sure to stop by in a few days as I will post some photos of the show. I am off to CB on Sunday , there will be a plaque placed in the church in memory of my sweet Dad on Fathers Day so I won't be posting photos until after that event . Thanks for the visit and be sure to enjoy your day , look for a ray of sunshine even in the dark clouds .
 hugs Sheila
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  1. Wonderful pictures Sheila....the tree looks like a hawthorne..but not sure.

    my lupins aren't out their color...I think the wild flowers are sweet rocket; sometimes called scented stalks....they are so pretty. I love the look of horses. so graceful to watch.

  2. It was so nice to accompany you along your picturesque drive...

  3. I just love lupins - especially fields of them! Lovely.

  4. I too love drives in the country. Fresh air and lots of green. Your photos are wonderful. I think I'll be looking at them again - just to get in the mood.

  5. Sheila, your pictures are exquisite...sure looks like Paradise!

  6. lovely drive Sheila,
    Enjoy the show - i hope bloglovin proves to be good...

  7. Wonderful pictures of your lovely countryside. Hugs,xx

  8. lovely photos of your country drive. Good luck with your quilt show.
    Just noticed your post of your finished mini, it looks wonderful.

  9. such beautiful country side,thankyou so much Sheila for sharing with us,looks so peaceful,enjoy your show.xx

  10. What a lovely road trip! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh that is indeed some beautiful countryside. It is nice to see some greenery and colour isn't it.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely pics with us.
    Have fun at your show :)R

  12. oh, what a beautiful place. I guess I should get hooked up with bloglovin too.

  13. Dear Sheila,
    wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing.
    I do already follow you with bloglovin, since I did import all the blogs from google reader to bloglovin.