Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Good rainy morning to you all , at least it is raining here again but I planted my tomatoes last night and am happy they are getting a drink of the good stuff . Oh I know I am late getting these into the ground but there is only so much time :-)
 So for WIP this week I have started working on  a new project since I finished off my three UFO'S for this month ,  yes it is a fun tote bag which was designed by the very talented Annette and she kindly asked me to test out her pattern for her . The pattern is called Daisy a Day , so pretty and I love daisies but I decided to make mine a little different and they will be more like brown eyed Susan's , also a favorite of mine. Here is what I have done so far.
I have all of the leaves appliqued and have started on the flowers , I love it so far. Thanks Annette for providing me with some fun sewing .
I am also working away slowly on the sampler quilt on my frame , that will take me a long time but slow and steady wins the race right ;-)
My mailbox is real happy this week , I have received two packages from wins from blogs , the first was some pretty fabrics from Joanna of Needle Thread Happiness Blog , for participating in the Christmas SAL , it was a real surprise to learn I had won as I didn't realize I was even in a draw for these lovely fabrics .

It is too bad the challenge with the SAL states no red or green as these yummy fabrics would be perfect .Thanks so much Joanna and I am looking forward to the next months SAL.
Yesterday I received this package in the mail , are you familiar with the Greenbag lady ? Well this lady is amazing , each bag is numbered and she has given away at least 24,642 bags as that is the number on my bag , isn't that amazing . Her goal is to encourage each of us to use cloth bags for shopping and so much more rather than reach for plastic , wonderful idea. I use cloth bags when I grocery shop much to the dismay  of some of the cashiers but I persist anyway  .
Isn't this a fun bag , colorful with those bright dots , the back is yellow like the side panel, all fabrics are donated and she makes use of everything  . 
Here you can see inside the bag where she places the number of the bag sent , I am blown away at her dedication to this project , lets see what we can all do to use cotton over plastic , bags are a lot of fun to make and don't have to be elaborate to work so lets get sewing !! Go here to read more about this project .
 I am linking up today to the Needle and Thread Network for WIP Wednesday , why not take a few moments to see what others have done this week , you will be inspired I am sure .
 Thanks so much for stopping by , have a wonderful day being creative in whatever way makes you happy.
 hugs Sheila


  1. thanks for sharing the info about the Green bag lady! Very interesting!!
    Great project!
    And your projects are pretty nice as well LOL

  2. Daisy a Day is very pretty and will make a neat bag. The Greenbag Lady is doing a wonderful thing; I hate it when I see a plastic bag stuck to the limbs of a tree. Glad you like the fabric.

  3. Very pretty block Sheila....and the bags make perfect sense.

  4. Great looking tote you're working on. I have quite a few bags that we take with us when shopping. They really are wonderful and fit a lot in too. Plus, they are washable.

  5. I love your new project Sheila. Have fun

  6. Sheila, I already love your brown-eyed Susan bag, so looking forward to the finish. Congrats on your wins...some great fabrics there! And what a wonderful tote from the Greenbag Lady...looks like she is making a difference in this world of ours!

  7. Your applique looks lovely, I love brown eyed susan's too. Your wins are pretty, great idea about the bag.

  8. Fascinating post. I'd not heard of the green bag lady.

  9. Love your Daisy/Brown Eyed Susan!

  10. congrats on finishing your 3 UFOs for this month. that is awesome.
    Love your applique. the background fabric is really neat.
    I use cloth bags and yes, the cashiers in some places are not to happy to see them.

  11. your daisy days looks fun... found a great background fabic for it...
    I mostly use fabric bags... and slowly trying to make them fun...

  12. Congrats on your wins especially your bag...what a great lady. I have a little fold up silky one in my handbag all the time. I think it is a fantastic idea. Some stores charge a fee now for plastic carry bags here so it encourages carrying your own. I love your sweet daisies too.

  13. congrats on your win Sheila and great idea with the fabric bags,have a lovely day my friend.xx

  14. Pretty flowers on the tote. Great idea from the Greenbag Lady. Hugs,xx

  15. lookin' good my friend I can hardly wait to see it finished. And what a lucky gal you are with those wins ... aren't bloggers the best.
    in stitches

  16. Hi Sheila ... thanks for visiting and I am so impressed by the bag lady ... over 24,000 cloth bags ... amazing !
    Congrats on your win !!!

  17. I like the Brown eyed susan bag . Looking forward to the finished bag. In our our area in Canada the stores charge you 5 cents for each bag if you do not bring your own.