Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Give me a Daisy a Day

Wednesday has rolled around again , this week just flew by but maybe because I was away for a couple of them  so very little done in the way of sewing , however that said I do have a finish to share . My Daisy a Day Tote is completed and I am really pleased , want to see how it turned out .
It is quite a gray wet day so I took it outside on the step to get some natural light . As you can see I chose to do my daisies in yellow so they look more like brown eyed Susan's . This pattern was designed by my friend Annette of In Stitches and Seams , Annette's pattern is well written and easy to follow and I really enjoyed sewing this tote , thanks so much Annette !!
 A little closer view of the applique and if you look closely you will see that I quilted some of the lines in the fabric , a good way to practice FM which for me can be challenging  :-)
Since we are talking about Daisies just look at this amazing field ...
The entire field was covered with the pretty white flowers with their bright yellow centers , just gorgeous . Want a closer look , sure you do , everybody loves daisies .
I loved that they were mixed in with other wild flowers , they truly are one of my favorite flowers but these flowers were a joy to see as well .
Wild roses beside some very tall bullrushes , the smell was intoxicating  .
I spotted this Lady Slipper flower when I hopped out to try to capture a photo of a little rabbit , the rabbit escaped my camera but I was thankful to the rabbit for showing me this lovely flower , something I have not seen since I was a young girl in the woods near my home . There were just two that I could see and I certainly did not disturb either one , I know they have become very rare in this province from people pulling them out of the ground .
The pattern  in this field reminded me of a quilt pattern , the sun was shining just right to show the rows , love it !
Did I ever tell you how much I love the look of old barns , well I  do , there is something special about barns and all the history they represent and this is one of my favorites in these parts , it is so welcoming to come to this bend in the road and see that red faded door . 
 I am linking up today to the Needle and Threadnetwork for WIP Wednesday , be sure to stop by and see what others have been up to this week and have a wonderful day . Thanks for stopping by  and coming along for a little country drive with me.
hugs Sheila


  1. I just love how your Brown eyed Susan's turned out Sheila.
    and those pics I have never scene a lady slipper in bloom, I do not think they grow out here.
    have a great day
    in stitches

  2. Sheila love your bag,you are very clever the colours are gorgeous,love your pics especially the barn.xx

  3. That's a beautiful tote. I like that you put your own mark on it with the black eyed susans. Those flowers are just coming up in my yard. It must have been a treat to see the lady slipper. Thanks for sharing those bits of beauty.

  4. Love the bag and the daisys depicted on it, and who could resist a field full of daisys? Love your photos of the wild flora! It has been many years since I have seen a ladyslipper in the wilds -- they used to grow along the creek near my dads farm and we just took them for granted - never picked them but never really gave them a second glance either. now I miss them...

  5. Sheila you should be pleased. It is downright awesome and so perfect for the season.

  6. Another beautiful tote! Your brown-eyed susans are beautiful and you did an excellent job of quilting it! Love your sure take some pretty drives around your part of the province!

  7. Love your bag Sheila! Your photos are wonderful. I have 5 lady slippers growing a few feet from my back door. They are so gorgeous. I look at them a lot.

  8. what a lovely post Sheila, your bag is great... how lovely to find that ladies slipper.... and isn't it funny how quilters find designs in nature?

  9. Oh Sheila... your bag is great.. and so SuNNy! Even if the weather is NOT!
    Enjoy your summer... :)

  10. Great little tote Sheila...and you take the best pictures

  11. Lots of great photos, Sheila! I love daisies too. And black-eyed susans, of course. ;)

    Your tote is really pretty. I love that background fabric. Great job!

  12. Lovely photos and lovely bag.

  13. Lovely post Sheila! Where DO you live? The pics are lovely!

  14. Your daisy tote is lovely. I like the fabrics you have used.
    The field of daisies is delightful. And thanks for the pics of the wild flowers. They are so pretty.

  15. You always create such lovely blogs Sheila. And a very pretty tote. But now I will be singing "Give Me A Daisy A day" all day. ;~}

  16. You struck a chord with me, Sheila, as I looked at your photos !
    Barns , silos (the real old ones the settlers/pioneers made and fields (in all stages) are some of my most favourite things ... and old fences !!
    Your photos are lovely ... thx for sharing !

  17. Your bag is gorgeous and I love all your beautiful photos, the field of daisies is lovely.

  18. I love your bag and your photos Sheila! I agree about barns....maybe the nostalgia we feel?