Saturday, June 29, 2013

On a wet and somewhat wild day

The rain is pelting down and the wind is blowing so what is a girl to do but sew . I finished off the two Nova Scotian Tartan aprons this morning , whew , sounds like an easy task and it would have been except for one small factor. The yellow fabric that I purchased which is 100% cotton is the toughest fabric I have ever sewn and  in areas where there was more than one layer of yellow it was pure murder , my machine was not happy . I tried various sizes of needles and types of needles , even went to a jeans needle but no they all didn't care for this fabric so it is somewhat of a miracle they are done .

 I will just share one as they are identical , I sure hope they wash up ok and become softer . I used some of my vintage buttons to accent them , I hope the ladies who will eventually receive these aprons will be pleased

You know blogging friends are such great people , they even share great sales with you , like yesterday morning I was reading my emails very early in the am and Lesley told me she and a friend were off to Antigonish to a fabric sale so I of course had to have more details so I phoned her and asked all the necessary questions and my dear Hubby offered to drive me down to Antigonish . I arrived just a few minutes before Lesley and I didn't waste any time picking up a few things that caught my eye .
Not the best photo but you will see an array of goodies ranging from two scrap bags, ( you know I don't have enough of my own ) some variegated threads as well as solid colors , two lapel sticks , some paint stiks and rubbing plates (this is a whole new adventure for me so stay tuned )and of course fabric ,mostly FQ'S ,all of this was at 75% off , how could I resist right ! I think Lesley and her friend left a few dollars behind as well , it was a fun experience . Thanks Lesley for telling me , I appreciate it  :-) 
It is going to be a wet weekend so I think I will hunker down in my sewing room and see what I can get done . 
 Before I go I want to ask if anyone else is interested in taking part in a postcard exchange , it really is a lot of fun and no pressure at all , it can be as simple as you want or as complicated as you want. Maybe you need some inspiration for what to put on a postcard with a flower theme , well have a look here and be inspired . Lots of lovely flower postcards , I am sure you will find just the one to get you started  , come on it will be fun I promise.
Have a wonderful creative day and thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila


  1. What a neat apron even though it sounds like it was a challenge to make! What a nice haul you brought home and to get it all at 75% off is a great deal. Oh, happy day, right?
    Stay dry and enjoy your sewing! Could you send some of that rain our way,

  2. Although you had to work hard at it, the apron is sweet. I love scrap bags, too, because of the surprise factor. I've never made a postcard quilt, but I'm game to try. Are you organizing it?

  3. lovely apron and looking at it you would never know it gave you problems...
    have you got my name for the postcard exchange... I will try and remember to put a note on my next blog post too ...

  4. Fantastic job on the APRoN...
    If it makes you feel any better the weather here on the east coast of Australia is bad too. :(

  5. love the apron....I made the same one at sewing group through the winter...they are really cute.

  6. gorgeous apron Sheila and love your special buys and what a great idea with your post card swap,its not a good time for me over the next few months,maybe the next one.xx

  7. The apron(s) came out just beautiful! Your friend will be so pleased. Missed the fabric sale in Antigonish, enter sad face here! Probably a good thing I didn't know about it!! Hope today's weather is a little kinder! ~karen

  8. What a lovely apron. It is raining here today too...whohoooo

    Get buys!

  9. The apron looks lovely even if it was hard work. What a great sale, your purchases look very nice! xx

  10. It was so nice to see you in Antigonish! And what treasures were found! The apron is so sweet. Well done!

  11. Love the apron. Lovely goodies you bought. Would've commented yesterday but the laptop objects to loading the word verification. Had to wait until this morning to use the desktop. :) Hugs,xx

  12. Love your aprons Sheila.
    Would love to participant in your Postcard Swap..

  13. I would love to be part of your postcard swap.

  14. Love the loot! We can never have enough thread and fat quarters! Your apron turned out wells. I wonder what is up with the yellow fabric. Put me down for another swap! What would be the theme?