Saturday, January 11, 2014


OOPS , I promised I wouldn't talk about postcards in my next post but that is what I was working on both Thursday evening and last evening , sorry . Last night was more a tidy up but here is what I have completed during my Friday Night with Friends hosted by the lovely Cheryll .
Another Valentine postcard 
And another 
An Easter postcard , thanks for the suggestion Annette :-)
And the back of a postcard  which was a request from Eglea . Eglea , the back is actually fabric not paper , I have added three layers , the front, a heavy interfacing like Peltex or similar and then the back after which I satin stitch around to hold them all together . I am fortunate to have some really neat postcard stamps but before I owned those I would simply print Postcard at the top and write the message on the left and the address on the right . If you have any other questions feel free to ask , I will do my best to answer .

 I am more than ready to move on to other things now so this will be the last of the postcards for the moment . Thanks to Cheryll for hosting us and now I am off to see what others did on their evening of sewing with friends . Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a wonderful day .
 hugs Sheila 


  1. Your postcards are great, such a variety, - wow though, Easter already!!! I've been keeping an eye out for one of those stamps but haven't seen one yet - may have to start searching online.

  2. Your cards are very creative and pretty. Love your ideas for them.

  3. Just gorgeous...keep talking about them, I love them.

  4. no apology needed.. its lovely to see your postcards...

  5. i am amazed at the post cards you make Sheila,they are so pretty ,well done on your beautiful finishes.xx

  6. You really are hooked Sheila! but I am not complaining.....I love to see them.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  7. All your postcards are lovely, the stamp on the back just finishes them off perfectly!

  8. You are so clever Sheila! I always enjoy seeing whatever you have been up to xx

  9. I've not seen these before they're amazing; very creative and what a wonderful keepsake.

  10. Beautiful postcards, it is lovely to see them. Keep sharing.

  11. Obrigada, Sheila!
    Sua explicação é valiosa para mim! Estou estudando uma pequena adaptação para os costumes brasileiros. Quando eu produzir algum postcard eu enviarei a foto para você, por favor, avaliar meu trabalho, ok?
    Mais uma vez obrigada pela atenção e carinho!
    Um abraço!

    Thank you, Sheila!
    His explanation is valuable to me! I am studying a small adaptation to Brazilian customs. When I make a post I will send the photo to you, please review my work, ok?
    Thanks again for your attention and affection!

    PS: Sorry my English via Google Translator!

  12. Look at how much snow you have!! Stupendous! Lovely postcards and what a neat find the stamps were.

  13. Love the daffodil, but really they are all pretty. Great work!

  14. Your postcards are amazing! Love the daffodil!

  15. Beautiful postcards Sheila, pretty fabrics.