Thursday, January 23, 2014

The day after the storm

Yesterday we were treated to a nor' easter , a blizzard which left us with 30+ cm. of snow and lots of high winds , a great day to stay inside and sew to my hearts content . I am going to share some snow photos but they are not from yesterday but from the weekend when another snowfall that left us with the most beautiful scenes possible in winter . We lost power for five hours in that storm, probably from the weight of  all that snow on the power lines .

 This country road had yet to be plowed which made me wish I was in a horse drawn sleigh instead of a vechicle ,it was just gorgeous !
Some roadside cattails , rather interesting I thought  :-)
This is much higher up than it looks , the road has no guard rail which freaks me out and down below you can see a waterfall that is really flowing heavily , we had a spell of warm weather and lots of rain just before this snowfall so there is lots of open water , too bad you can't hear that water , it was deafening .

So are you wondering what I was working on yesterday during that storm day , well I am back at my mystery quilt I started last year with Darlene  . This mystery has long ago been solved but I got sidetracked and never finished the last two rounds so it is time to get this finished . This round involves some four patch blocks , easy enough ,but a lot of cutting and sewing but since it is something you can just sew and sew and sew it goes quickly . Here is my little piles .
This pile is waiting to be sewn for the next step and this one is complete .
Now to sew these together again ..... 
 While I am sewing these I am also grabbing the odd blocks to add to my Good night Irene blocks so it is a win win situation . 
 I must show you some mail I received this week , yes more lovely mail of the squishy nature . This package arrived from Cath of Bits and Bobs as a giveaway from her blog .
In the package was the most adorable pattern by Lynette Anderson called the Toy Trolley and some tags and a pretty fat quarter , thanks so much Cath , I really appreciate it !!
 Time to get back to the sewing machine , hope your day is going well and you get to also do something creative .
 hugs Sheila 


  1. The snow is so beautiful! I can just imagine that horse drawn sleigh, with bells jingling all the way. Glad you get to stay in where it's warm and cozy and sewy!

  2. Oh I just love your snow pictures - snow is just so pretty don't you think? I'm hoping the weather warms up for you a bit :))

  3. OMG, that first photo looks so much like my header photo but it is the totally opposite side of the country. BC has no guard rails anywhere and the cliffs are steep. Scary indeed.
    Good luck in finishing up your quilt.

  4. I love your snowy pics. You live in a beautiful area. Don't you love those snow days that turn into quilt days?

  5. the snow pictures are just lovely.... and nice to have a good reason to stay inside and sew... lovely blocks...

  6. Beautiful snow pictures Sheila. I bet you are enjoying your sewing projects.

  7. Love to see your beautiful snow piccys....
    Keep warm and sewing that mystery...

  8. The snow is, indeed, pretty. You certainly kept busy during the storm. Can't wait to see Darlene's mystery quilt all put together!!

  9. Oh the snow is really pretty, but losing your power is no fun. We didn't get very much snow, but lots of wind and hard to see.

  10. That's a lot of snow! I think I would take up snow dying!

    Nice squishies.

  11. I always look forward to your snow photos, especially in our heat wave!
    Great sewing :-)

  12. As beautiful as the snow is I am ready for warm weather and no shovelling. You take lovely pics Sheila.

  13. Sounds like a lot of snow! Your pictures of it are lovely. I remember Darlene's mystery - it was a great one, if you have more snow days I'm sure you will have it done in no time! Congratulations on your win!