Friday, April 11, 2014

Tools of the Trade and a finish

As a hand quilter I have certain tools I like to use , one of those tools I mentioned in a previous post but I guess I left you without an explanation so I will try to do that now . This little gadget is what I am talking about ...
 Can you figure out how this works , it is really quite a simple but effective tool , here is how it works.
In this photo you can see that I have taken a few stitches and then I have placed the needle in the hole at the bottom of the tool and at the top you will see a little button with a spring below it , well I am compressing that button which in turn places pressure on the needle preventing it from coming back out of the tool , then it is simply a matter of pulling on the tool to bring the rest of the needle through the quilt . This saves much time but more importantly frustration  ;-)
 The other very valuable tool I love to have on hand when hand quilting or doing any type of hand work is this little caddy .

This is so handy dandy , a place for my thimble , a dowel for my thread and a little pincushion which I normally keep three needles threaded and when they are empty it is time for a break . This caddy was a gift a few years back from my friend Lynda and has had many hours of use and is something I love to use :-) You should stop by and say hello to Lynda , she is fairly new to blogging and has recently shown some of her beautiful work , I know she would love to see you . 
 Now for my finish , I have completed my garden flag , a pattern by my talented friend Annette  who generously sent me her pattern to test for her . It is a great pattern and I can see me making this again sometime .
Thanks Annette for the opportunity to give this pattern a try .I also made my Aurifil block for April , this one was quick and easy .
And here are the first four together 
I am loving this so far , oops I see I have my block upside down , oh well :-)
 That is it for me today , I do hope you are enjoying some creative time today , thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila


  1. not that little yellow gadget is pretty neat. sometimes it is hard to pull a needle through the many layers. Lovely projects.

  2. I love that needle puller! I had no idea what it was in one of your earlier posts. I use those rubber needle grabbers, but it's still hard to pull them out. Thanks for the tip... I'll be on the look out for one. My sore fingers thank you. :)

  3. That is a. Veryneat tool...never saw one before!! I use a rubber finger on my index finger..LOL
    Love the flag Sheila

  4. That needle puller is a handy gadget. Must see if i can get one. Love the flag. Hugs,xx

  5. Nice to see hand quilters have gadgets too - it sounds very handy :-) Annette's pattern is gorgeous and you have made a beautiful job of it. Your other blocks are looking good too.

  6. thank you for the pictures.... it all makes sense now.... amazing the tools there are...
    lovely work...

  7. Hi Sheila what a wonderful tool I haven't seen one of these before,thankyou for sharing.xx

  8. I've never seen a needle puller likt that; it's so cool. I love your heart caddy; what a nice gift that was. Your flag looks great and I love your Aurifil blocks; nice fabric. Have a happy weekend.

  9. I love your little wooden caddy. I would have to have one if I saw one! It looks very useful. I collect embroidery tools expecially wooden ones and it is always good to see something new. Love the finished banner. xx

  10. very nifty gadget, thanks for the explanation of its use.
    great blocks for your bom and your garden flag looks lovely too

  11. Well, how nifty!!! I've seen those little gadgets before but never knew what they were for :) And your Garden Flag is just beautiful!!!

  12. Awesome little gadget! I'd never seen one before! You've certainly been busy! I'm slowly making my way 'home'....just a few more weeks!!

  13. The needle puller is an invention from my friend Anneke, a dutch lady living in France. if some one like to contact or via internet:
    Hugs from Belgium. Martine

  14. That needle puller is a handy looking gadget. I also love the tip about threading three needles and taking a break when they're used. I'll be following that one. Annette's pattern is lovely and I adore the colours of your Aurifil.