Thursday, May 22, 2014

brown bag auction revealed

Last night was our regular monthly meeting of the Thistle Quilt Guild and the time to exchange our brown bag challenge pieces . First I will show you what fabrics I had to work with and then what I made with those fabrics .
I had this beautiful print , a mottled yellow and a deep navy solid , as I mentioned before when I looked at the contents of the bag although lovely fabrics , I had no clue what to do with them but I learned last evening I was not alone in this feeling . The challenge is to make something using only the fabrics in the bag and adding one fabric if necessary to complete your chosen project . This for me was the most difficult part s when looking for that perfect project I would find I would not have enough of one of the provided fabrics , oh I should mention both the print and the navy were FQS and the yellow was maybe close to half a mt. , I knew I had to be sure before cutting that I had enough .  So.....I found that perfect project but I had a dilemma , I had already chosen my extra fabric which would be the background and I needed a green , what did I do well I took some of the yellow fabric and I painted it green ,gutsy or what , maybe just plan stubborn as I really wanted to make this project.
Here is a photo of my painting process , this was for the vine and I also painted some for the leaves , want to see what I made ?
This is a garden flag or wall hanging designed by my friend Annette of in stitches and seams , Annette had kindly asked me to test out her pattern and when it arrived in the mail I knew this is what I wanted to make for the challenge . I passed on my creation last night to Kim and she liked it very much which made me very happy . Now you know what was really funny was Kim had my brown bag but of course neither of us knew that until last night . My fabrics were fall fabrics which is my favorite time of year and Kim surprised me with this beautiful table topper .

A lovely large Dresdan Plate , just perfect for my round table , thanks so much Kim you did a fantastic job of using my fabrics to their best advantage .
I have one more thing to share , some of our members exchanged postcards with the Whangarei Patchworkers quilt guild in  New Zealand and Lynda P who I corresponded with to arrange this exchange just happened to have Kim for a partner and Lynda sent along a beautiful art piece for me as well as Kim , it is just gorgeous .
This is The Bay of Islands in NZ, I sure would love to see this in person. Thanks so much Lynda , I will always treasure it . 
 I wasn't going to mention this but I  am just so darn proud I must share . My brother William Rogers(Bill) is a renowned artist and has won awards all across the globe , well this week , Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have been  doing a royal tour of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island andWinnepeg Manitoba and Bill was chosen by Prince Charles as the official artist for this event . He travelled with them throughout the tour and now I am anxious to see just what he painted for them. If you are interested you can check out his work , here is a link to his website . . I am very proud of my brother and love his work .
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.
 hugs Sheila 


  1. Those are great challenge pieces. I suppose you could even have painted the white green instead of the yellow. Congratulations to your brother. I wonder how Prince Charles chose him.

  2. A very clever solution to your dilemma. What a great little wallhanging. Lucky Kim! And the table topper she made for you is just wonderful too. What a lovely gift you received from NZ. What a talented family you have. I am just off to check out his link. A girl, who grew up across the road from me in Prospect, made the special cake for the Prince and Camilla for their visit to Seaport Market. Lots of NS talent highlighted the other day during the visit.

  3. You are so smart! Your wallhanging came out adorable. Wow, that's quite an honor for your brother. Went to his site and just love his work.

  4. Love the flag you created. Beautiful. Fabulous Dresden plate. Lovely postcard from NZ. How wonderful for your brother. Congratulations to your brother.

  5. Love these! Congratulations to your brother! How cool is that!

  6. wow...what a great challenge Sheila. Zi love the wall hanging. You and Annette are so talented!

  7. wow how cool for your brother,what an honor to be able to do that.Sheila i love the wall hanging it is so pretty and the dresden table topper is awesome and boy those postcards are so lovely,you had lots to share with us today,thankyou my friend and i hope you have an awesome day.xx

  8. Sheila, your wall hanging is are such a smart cookie to paint the fabric! What an honor for your brother...he sure is talented, just like his sister!

  9. Your challenge outcome is so nice. Your partner must have been pleased, and your table topper looks great, too. You both walked away with nice projects. I visited your brother's site and am awed by his paintings. The horses look like photos.

  10. Brilliant sewing. You are so clever.

  11. The wall hanging you made is absolutely beautiful and so are the other items you showed.

    Your brother must be a very talented artist, now I'm off to follow the link you gave us.

  12. how clever to use your fabrics in the colour you wanted.. I love what you made and also what Kim made you....
    lovely postcard and no wonder you are proud of your brother... I'm sure he is proud of you too...

  13. Em primeiro lugar é muito bom ver você de volta! O pulso está curado? Que bom!
    Os quadros do seu irmão são muito bonitos. Não consegui acessar a pagina dele tudo em branco... Pesquisei a obra dele no Google e encontrei muitos quadros.
    É gratificante ver a familia fazendo coisas boas e bonitas! Parabéns!
    Parabéns a você pelos trabalhos com os tecidos. A bandeira ficou linda!
    Um grande abraço!
    Firstly it is very good to see you back! The wrist is healed? That good!
    The frames of your brother are beautiful. Unable to access the page it all in white ... I researched his work on Google and found many pictures.
    It is gratifying to see the family doing good and beautiful things! Congratulations!
    Congratulations to you for the work with fabrics. The flag was beautiful!
    A big hug!

  14. Love the wall hanging you made for the paper bag challenge. How did you manage with your broken wrist?
    Your partner also made you a nice gift.
    Lovely stitcheries and post card.

  15. You both did wonderful jobs with your brown bags challenges!
    Check out your brother's site...... awesome paintings I can see why you are sew proud of him .... and what an honor!
    in stitches

  16. A girl after my own heart - that is exactly what I would have done...paint the fabric to change it! The piece you made is very pretty.
    Your brother's work is absolutely beautiful. He is very talented. I had a tour of his gallery and saw many paintings I would love to have had it my own home!

  17. Now that was a super clever are you. I just love the finished result. The postcard that you received is amazing and what an honour for your brother.

  18. The wall hanging you made is beautiful, lovely use of the fabrics and how clever to paint the fabric! Lovely picture from NZ, I went to your brother's site, I can see why you are proud :)

  19. I love the little wall hanging - very inventive of you Sheila. And I love the table topper too and lovely that you exchanged. xx

  20. I can see why you were challenged! I like your idea of painting the yellow. I bet Annette is quite happy to see how nice her pattern turned out :-) I hope that you're feeling better and that your arm is healing just right.

  21. Nice that you're back again. Feel you better Sheila?
    Your wall hanging is very beautiful...
    Your brother's work is very fabulous. He is very talented, I have see his website..
    Hugs from Italy

  22. With a little ingenuity and a lot of creativity you found the perfect solution. The wall hanging is gorgeous and Kim is a very lucky quilter. I adore the Dresden plate, she made you. It does look lovely on your table. You should be proud of your brother. He's such a talented artist and he's just had the opportunity of a lifetime.

  23. Wow, love what yu did with your challenge fabrics - and how clever was that, doing some dying!The dresden Annette made is lovely too - love those colours! I am glad to read that the postcard swap with NZ went well!