Monday, August 18, 2014

One foot in the stirrup

Yes I have one foot in the stirrup now so I need to swing that other leg up over and get back in the saddle lol ! I am not referring to horse riding although that would be fun too, I am referring to sewing , you would think after this long time of no sewing I would be biting at the bit to get back at it but my mojo is somewhere else these days ,however yesterday I had a talk with myself and plunked myself in front of that sewing machine and did a little sewing . You see I had this commitment that I needed to fill and I really hate promising something then not following through so I finally made a prayer flag for my partner . The theme was Joy and this is what I came up with .

 To me seeing a butterfly is joyful so that was my inspiration for this prayer flag , a couple of antique coasters on an antique linen napkin along with a butterfly and a crocheted flower and voila a prayer flag that I hope my partner will like. Not exactly much sewing involved but a start in the right direction . Oh I should update you on my crazy patch block.....
Sadly I am behind in this class , I had my family visiting for a week and no sewing of any kind took place then , they are far more important to me . Since then I had tried to catch up but I am having a little problem dealing with the hoop and my wrist . I didn't have too much trouble until I started adding the combination stitches and it is a challenge but I will give it my best shot and see how much I can get done , hope I don't run out of time . 
 I was blessed to have a visit from our son Rob and his family last week , it is always a joy to spend time with them . I wish they lived closer but that is the way it is so I have to be thankful for the time we do get to spend with them . While in the province they visited Peggy's Cove and here is a photo of the family enjoying an early morning visit on the rocks.
Rob, Diane, Caitlin, Christopher and Alyssa . 
Thanks Rob for driving that long distance to spend time with us , we sure appreciate it and loved seeing you all . Love you :-)
 Thanks for stopping by today , maybe by the next visit I will be in the saddle ;-)
 hugs Sheila


  1. I hope you enjoyed your little bit of sewing and I'm sure you will have both feet in the saddle and hands on the reins in no time! A lovely idea for your prayer flag :-) Wonderful to have your family visiting, precious moments for all.

  2. I think your butterfly is a great interpretation of JOY. You'll be galloping along in no time. I plan to visit Peggy's Cove in about a month.

  3. Good to have you back in that saddle!!! the prayer flag is delightful

  4. One day at a time, Sheila. Your prayer flag is divine, a great display of your imagination! Am loving your crazy block. Makes me want to make one. But I'm going to resist because I'm working on a quilt in the evenings and it must get finished. It's only been 6 years now!:)

  5. Wonderful for you to have family to visit. Love your Joy project. Your crazy block is looking good. Hugs,xx

  6. Family is one of the most important things in the can always sew another time! Your prayer flag is lovely, and so is your crazy block. Be kind to yourself, don't force your wrist, it is slowly regaining its strength and will be fine again but it may take a little while to get it back to where it was before the break.

  7. Spending time with your family is the best reason for not sewing. I like the way your crazy quilt patch is coming along; looks nice. Love your prayer flag too; Joy, what a nice sentiment.

  8. Such a nice looking family portrait on the rocks of Peggys Cove. I know it well!
    Keep looking... your mojo is there!

  9. Hi Sheila,great to see you have been able to do some sewing,that prayer flag will be awesome,so lovely to see you had a visit from your family,love family times,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  10. Joy is wonderful! So glad that you had a visit with Rob and his family!

  11. I am sure the mojo will return in time. You have had a challenge with your sewing this summer!!

    Great family picture of the whole gang! I'm sure you enjoyed their visit.

  12. One foot in the stirrup is a start! Time with family should always come first.Take it slow and easy and before you know it, you'll be back at full speed.
    Your CQ block i s coming along nicely and the prayer flag is lovely!

  13. So nice to see your son and his family! Your mojo will come back... just keep plugging!

  14. your mojo will come back when it is good and ready.... I love the prayer flag... wonderful to see the family... I do nothing else when mine visit too...

  15. I love your crazy block and the prayer flag is so lovely, dear Sheila ♥

  16. Keep talking sternly to yourself - we are all rooting for you! What does it matter if you are a bit behind, you will get there. Love the prayer flag. xx

  17. sew nice to see you back sewing. Your prayer flag is lovely.
    You will be back to full speed in no time.
    it is always great to spend time with your family.

  18. Makes me miss my son and his wife who live 6 hrs. away. I am sure you enjoyed every minute.
    Lovely prayer flag. Hope you get your mojo back soon.

  19. Uma família muito bonita! Imagino o monte de alegria com a visita deles!
    Seu bloco está indo muito bem.
    Como se usa uma "bandeira de oração" ? Percebo que ela é pendurada... Gosto de aprender sobre costumes diferentes.
    Ando com problemas no meu blog porque estou fazendo mudanças. Deletei os endereços dos blogs que eu sigo e estou com dificuldade para acessa-los. Agora consegui recuperar o seu.
    fico contente em ver você animada com as costurar. Uau!
    Um abraço!

    A very beautiful family! I imagine the lot of joy with their visit!
    Your block is going very well.
    As it uses a "prayer flag"? I realize that she is hanging ... I like to learn about different customs.
    I've been having trouble with my blog because I'm making changes. I deleted the addresses of the blogs I follow and am having trouble accessing them. Now managed to regain his.
    I'm glad to see you excited about the sewing. Wow!

  20.'re back in the saddle again. Joy is the perfect word for your prayer flag. Joy to be creating and joy to spend time with your family.