Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some fun mail

I love mail and squishy mail is even more fun so I was delighted yesterday to open a package from Annette , an early birthday present .

 I love handmade socks and when a friend makes them in your favorite colour what a nice combination . Thanks so much Annette , they will keep me toasty warm this winter . I REALLY want to learn how to make socks and have the wool and the needles now I just need to get started , this has spurred me on to do just that :-) Thanks again dear friend .
 This afternoon I received another early Birthday/ Christmas present from a long time friend Susanne in Denmark ,(no blog) 
Wish Upon a Star, hmm , okay I will do just that I will wish with all my might that someday Susanne and I will meet in person . Thanks so much Susanne for the many years of friendship . I love this little wall hanging , so sweet . 
 Along with this package there was an adorable postcard from my friend Linda  , the jolly old man himself :-)
Thanks so much Linda , I love how you added the dimension with your wonderful quilting !!
 Talking about postcards , I hope all postcards in the postcard exchange have been sent and most likely received by now . I received word that my postcard arrived safely in the UK to Pauline so I can now show you what I sent .
I seen this as a tree ornament on pinterest and decided it would make a great postcard and it was pretty much the correct size , here is where I found it .
I am BUSY BUSY with sewing which is why you haven't seen or heard from me lately , hopefully that trend will change very soon . Thanks for stopping by today and have yourself a wonderful day .
 hugs Sheila 


  1. Such treasures. I'd love a pair of beautiful handmade socks. I need to learn, too, Sheila. Maybe we should challenge each other to make a pair over the winter!!

  2. Those socks should come in handy today Sheila. Very pretty.

  3. What lovely socks! You will certainly need them in winter. Your Christmas header picture is so right for the season, too.

  4. Lovely post Sheila - those socks look lovely and snuggly. I do like hand knitted socks. Your card for Pauline is so sweet and the little card and hanging you have received are gorgeous too. xx

  5. Love those socks. Lovely postcards. Hugs,xx

  6. Beautiful gifts you have received, Sheila. But you know what, you my friend deserve them. You are such a kind and thoughtful person yourself. Enjoy your treasures. D.

  7. Hand made socks are the best luxury for feet! adn those are wonderful... love all the different postcards too...

  8. What pretty socks...I love those colors! :0)

  9. Love all of your incoming goodies, those socks are wonderful. I also love the nativity scene card. Might have to try my hand on that one.

  10. Your socks are wonderful and look so warm. I love the postcards! The Nativity one is soooo cute.

  11. ohhhh very nice!! happy early birthday Sheila...enjoy your day!!

  12. What lovely gifts received and made! Love the handmade socks - so cozy at this time of year! Hope you have a very happy birthday!

  13. Lindos presentes, Sheila!
    Seu aniversário está perto? Qual dia? Eu não sabia...
    A meia parece confortavel e quente. Gosto das cores delas.
    O cartão com a santa família ficou muito delicado e significativo. Ele pode ser repetido de varias formas diferentes, não é? "Lindinho" ( algo "pequeno lindo")!
    Os outros são alegres e perfeitos.
    Já enviei meus cartões no dia 5 de novembro e parece que nenhum chegou até agora. Ai, ai, ai começo a ficar nervosa... não me acostumo com esta demora.
    Você recebeu meu email com as noticias da exposição no Rio de Janeiro?
    Um grande abraço!

    Beautiful gifts, Sheila!
    His birthday is near? What day? I did not know ...
    The half seems comfortable and warm. Like the colors of them.
    The card with the holy family was very delicate and significant. It can be repeated several different ways, right? "Lindinho" (something "beautiful little")!
    The others are happy and perfect.
    I have already sent my cards on the 5th of November and it seems that none arrived so far. Woe, woe, woe beginning to get nervous ... not get used to this delay.
    Did you get my email with the exposure of news in Rio de Janeiro?
    A big hug!

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  15. What lovely warm socks from Annette..

    Love all those wonderful postcards....

  16. The handmade socks are so lovely and the postcards are all so beautiful!
    Hugs, Deborah

  17. I made one sock and got discouraged but I do plan on giving it another go. Glad Santa arrived safe and sound. I always worry til I see my postcards make it to their final destination. Love, love, love your new header!

  18. Always good to see her beautiful cards, Sheila. Hugs from Brazil!

  19. Beautiful header. Perfect for all of your cards.

  20. Love the postcards and the fabulous socks, such a lovely gift ")
    Is the postcard exchange going to continue next year?

  21. Beautiful socks and postcards. I love your one with the manger scene. xx

  22. Oh, those socks look so comfy and warm! Love those colours, too! The wall hanging with the snowmen is sure pretty. What a wonderful friend. Such a nice Santa postcard, too. Your post card is simply sweet! Then little star button was perfect for this piece.