Thursday, January 29, 2015

After the storm

On Tuesday we had a blizzard but nothing like they predicted , the snow came along with the winds but even the winds were not as fierce as first expected therefore we were fortunate not to loose power . I actually enjoy a good storm , seems I can just sit back and relax on those days not feeling I must do anything in particular unless I so desire ;-) Yesterday was rather stormy as well , that snow didn't seem to want to stop .
Today the sun is shining and since we had some freezing rain along with the snow everything is just glistening , Mother Nature sure can paint a beautiful picture .
Oh I know you are saying that is far from beautiful , just a bunch of old weeds in a field but it is one of those situations you had to be there and two seconds before I got there the sun went behind the clouds so the diamonds that were created on these weeds don't show up so well . You can see from this photo we didn't get record snowfall for sure .
Here you can see the ice on the grass and the somewhat stormy sky in the background  . Our sun , ok I admit there isn't much sun , today is going to be replaced with another storm coming sometime tomorrow and another one on Monday into Tuesday , Mother Nature is making up for our rather gentle month of January .  Oh we had plenty of storms but they were rain storms and high winds so no shoveling required , I don't think February will be so kind but hey this is Nova Scotia and we expect this kind of weather in the winter months . I do think winter can be very beautiful ,I am just a tad nervous of the ice and the fact it would be easy to fall  so I am extra cautious .
 So what have I been doing during this stormy weather , well first off I did this block with wool applique , a free BOM by Buttermilk Basin . I know I said I would not be doing any extra BOM's this year but how could I resist such cuteness .
Also it was very quick to do so I enjoyed my sitting and stitching while the snow fell and the winds blew .  Today I am starting on my center block for the Aurifil Bom for 2014 , this was an optional block but as soon as I seen it I knew I had to make it .
You probably can't see the lettering that will eventually be embroidered but it says Love is the Thread that binds all quilters . I mean how could I possibly not do that block , it was to me a no brainer ;-) I chose to use the scraps of my 30's reproduction prints to make the threads on the spools and the green for the base of the spools has been in many of the blocks and will also be the sashing since I have more of that than any other fabric . The sashings actually form spools as well so this should look rather neat I think . I will let you see more as I progress along , I will warn you I am no speed demon;-)
 If you are visiting from the Grow your Blog event you can read that post here  and thanks for the visit .
 Whatever the weather in your neck of the woods I hope you are having a great day with lots of creativity . Thanks again for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila


  1. I love that Aurifil block. Glad the storm wasn't as bad as predicted.

  2. Good to hear you are safe and the storms were not as bad as expected. I don't like ice either ! Love the little spools.

  3. We got lucky with the storm too, but another is on the horizon for tomorrow and we may not be so lucky. Snow is pretty, but ice - not so much.

  4. Hi Sheila glad you are safe ,I find the snow so pretty and I love your pics,your blocks are both cute ,well done my friend xx

  5. Sheila, your snowy pictures are beautiful! When we are sweltering 'down under' in a heatwave, looking at snow makes us feel cooler......although lately it's been fairly mild, thank goodness. Good idea to be careful when walking, you don't want another broken arm. Both those blocks are really sweet, the spools block is unusual.

  6. We dont get any snow here so I just love seeing your pictures but I'm glad that I don't have to go through the storms. At least you can get plenty of sewing done its blowing a gale. Love your spools and the embroidery will enhance it even more.

  7. We did the blizzard in New England, but I'm glad you didn't get it. I love both your projects and love the spools of thread, one of my favorite images. Stay safe.

  8. Glad you're all warm and cozy and don't have to go out for anything. I love taking snow pictures! And I love how shiny it all is if there's freezing rain on top of snow. It's especially pretty at night with lights shining on it. Sorry the sun didn't cooperate for you!

  9. Beautiful snow photos. Glad the storm wasn't too bad. Love your block. Hugs, xx

  10. I do love snow pictures.... glad the storms weren't terrible .... love the wool block... I wanted to join in but I seem to have not got that far!!! haha.... take care and no slipping on ice...

  11. I love snow and your pictures are a dream!
    Beautiful blocks dear Sheila!
    Hugs, Deborah

  12. Fico feliz que a tempestade foi pequena. Eu vi noticias dela na TV mas eles só mostraram New York.
    Eu acho muito interessante o fato de vocês serem obrigados a ficar quietos dentro de casa em certas ocasiões. É muito bom para as costuras... tempo, tempo, tempo. Aqui nunca ficamos prisioneiros. Todos os dias há o quintal para trabalhar, os animais para cuidar, a parte externa da casa para limpar... O tempo das costurar é bem menor. Eu acho muito interessante estas diferenças!
    Fico pensando: eu ainda verei neve de verdade nesta vida? É um projeto... um dia...
    Neste fim de semana vou fazer cards. Na próxima semana teremos visitas e meu tempo será menor.
    Um ótimo fim de semana para você. Um abraço carinhoso!

    I'm glad that the storm was small. I saw it on TV news but they only showed New York.
    I find very interesting the fact that you are forced to keep quiet in the house on occasion. It is very good for the seams ... time, time, time. Here we are never prisoners. Every day there is the yard to work, animals to care for, the outside of the house to clean ... The time of sewing is much lower. I find very interesting these differences!
    I wonder: I still will see real snow in this life? It is a project ... one day ... one day ...
    This weekend I will make cards. Next week we will have visits and my time will be less.
    A great weekend for you. A warm hug!

  13. Your snow photos are peaceful! I'm with you, I love a good storm, watching the snow come down, and hearing the wind blow :-) What great blocks! That's one of the things that I love about quilting, there is so much variety to it to create fun things.
    Have a great weekend,

  14. Love your snow photos Sheila.
    Nice new BOM block. Your Aurifil block is lovely , I like the spools.

  15. I love that Aurifil block - and what a beautiful saying inside it! So glad the storm was not as bad as expected for you. I'm the same way about stormy days - usually rain around here though. Love to be able to sit home, all safe and sound, and sew to my heart's content while the world rages outside :)

  16. I think snow photos are beautiful.
    I am stitching the BB BOM too. I think I might have seen yours on the facebook page. I couldn't resist either. I figured I could keep up since it is done in wool.
    Love your spool block.

  17. Your snow photos are beautiful, I can see the ice on the weeds! Both blocks are gorgeous!

  18. Hello Sheila. Glad the storm was not as bad as expected. Your pictures are great and I love that spool block - of course you could not resist. xx