Friday, January 2, 2015

It's a New Year !!

It is now 2015 , a brand new year to celebrate and make the very most of .  I hope you enjoyed a very Happy New Year with your family and the year ahead will be your best ever  . I don't make resolutions as I am pretty sure I wouldn't keep them but I do plan on becoming more organized , purging and decluttering and of course lots of sewing , I wouldn't have a very happy year without being creative . I have some UFO's that are screaming at me to finish them and some BOM'S that need to be made into quilt tops , oh yeah I have lots to keep me busy , how about you , have you made plans for this year??
  I have spent the past couple of days trying to catch up on my BOM's for our guild project and I have one more block that I need to finish but it takes templates which are not printing out the proper size from my printer so I will have to wait on that one for now but here are the blocks I have made so far , not all of these were made the past couple of days , about half of them ,

 Not the best photo , this is on the floor as my design wall is otherwise occupied ;-) I also cut and started to piece the final block for Aurifil for 2014 BOM just a few more stitches and that one will be complete . I will then need to find some fabrics suitable to use for sashings and borders . 
  It has been such a busy time I have not had a chance to share three postcards that arrived on Christmas eve . 
This first one came from Eglea and she mailed this on November 4th and yes it took that long to arrive , I think it must have taken the scenice route or maybe it was being admired by the postal staff  lol!  It is so pretty and done in the colours of the Brazilian flag , how creative Eglea , thanks so much .
This fun card arrived from Sunny just in time for Santa , thanks so much Sunny !!
This pretty landscape postcard depicting the mountains of Idaho where Judy skiis arrived just a couple of days after Christmas , Thanks so much Judy .  
While I am thinking about it , I want to remind the postcard swappers to add their postcards to the flicker page I have set up and while you are there you can browse around to see those that have been uploaded already . Here is the link
 Hope that works .  
Anyone up for a Valentine swap ?? If we get the names assigned real quick we would have lots of time to get those cards made and in the mail . Please let me know if you think this is a good idea and send me your info , mailing address, full name, blog address if you have one and of course your email address , this is very important as I would like to make life a little simpler by copying and pasting . Thanks and hope we do have some interest , they are such fun to create . You make one and you receive one from your partner , if you want more than one partner please let me know that as well . You can start making your card right now so by the time I assign names you will be all set to pop it in the mail . 
That's it from me today , I have to finish disassembling my Christmas decorations and since I have a lot it takes a long time !! 
 Thanks so much for stopping by and again I hope 2015 is a great year for each of you .
 hugs Sheila 


  1. Sign me up for the Valentine Swap!
    My e-mail with details will follow right away.


  2. Hi Sheila....nice to be starting a new year...we had a wonderful Christmas and ready to get going too. I am pretty well caught up on things, but I too plan to use my stash as much as possible this year. Happy New Year!!

  3. Love the postcards - each so unique.

  4. A new year, indeedy!! I hope you accomplish all of your non-goals and then some! Love all your postcards. You must have quite a collection now. Take extra special care, stay warm and stay safe!! xoxo

  5. Hope 2015 brings you much happiness

  6. Well, I am pretty much addicted to your postcard swaps, so yes, sign me up! I was actually anticipating a Valentine swap and already have a start on what I am going to make. I will email you my copy and paste address shortly. Very nice postcards you received. Yes, time to get busy with new projects and definitely time finish some older ones!

  7. Such lovely postcards! LOL! Sign me up for Valentine's day swap. I sorted all my fabric scraps last night, and I think I just might be able so spare a scrap or two for a postcard. :-)

  8. Best wishes for a happy and creative new year, Sheila - I'm with you about resolutions, they just don't work well for me!! Loved looking at the Yahoo postcard page :-) I recently made one for my nephew (Max) and have got the bug again - I think I'll have time to make one for the swap - gulp!!!

  9. Hello Sheila. Great blocks and lovely postcards all. Think I must pass up on this postcard swap, good though it sounds. I seem to have started the year with a few swaps already and we are off to Spain for a month at the end of Jan so am going to be pushing it a bit to get them all done. xx

  10. Good morning Sheila.How wonderful to get caught up on stitching projects. And such temptation on the web with all these new BOM's being introduced.... Keep warm today cause it is chilly out - good day for sewing.

  11. Seus blocos estão muito bonitos. Esta será uma linda colcha!
    Sim, eu tenho muitas coisas planejadas para fazer. Muitos projetos e alguns já estão em andamento. Eu preciso me organizar para conseguir tudo. Este será um grande ano de realizações. 2014 foi ótimo e 2015 também será!
    Eu vou me inscrever para a troca de postais! Isto é um vício! Com a demora dos correios será que alguém ainda quer trocar comigo? :)))
    Os cards da Sunny é divertido e alegre e o da Judy é lindo!
    Um grande e carinhoso abraço!

    His blocks are very beautiful. This will be a beautiful quilt!
    Yes, I have many things planned to do. Many projects and some are already underway. I need to organize myself to get everything. This will be a great year of delivery. 2014 was great and 2015 will also be!
    I'll sign up for the exchange of cards! This is an addiction! With the delay of the post office does anyone still want to exchange with me? :)))
    Cards from the Sunny is fun and lively and the Judy's beautiful!
    A big, warm hug!

  12. Love the blocks. I was writing down the names as you made the blocks but i must have missed some. Gorgeous postcards. Hugs,xx

  13. Bom's look great You are getting sew organized this year already.
    I feel sew far behind but one stitch at a time .A swap you say I 'll send you a note right away :0)
    in stitches

  14. Hello dear Sheila,
    wonderful blocks and lovely postcards!!
    I think, I must pass up on this postcard swap....
    Hugs, Deborah

  15. I love seeing all your beautiful blocks. What a pretty quilt you will have. Awesome postcards too!