Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A few quilts to share

I am a little late, I know I promised to share some quilt show pictures yesterday but it was just one of those days and no time to do it , so on with the show . I think I already told you my camera decided to die during my picture taking so I actually have very few photos but I am pretty sure that Jeanne did a little photo taking and will have a link for us of the show so I promise to share that when the time comes until then hope you enjoy these few photos . I also want to take a moment and thank the ladies who travelled  a distance  , Carol, Sheila and Debbie , it was so nice to meet you and hope you enjoyed the show . Also want to thank Chris from Patch our newest vendor who was so sweet and her fabrics and patterns were a welcome sight to our members and also to Jacquie  from Mira Stitchin Post for returning for another year with all her wonderful fabrics etc.
First off as you entered the hall Mary and Eileen  were sitting selling tickets on the quilt behind them , this is a gorgeous quilt and the quilting is lovely too . It would be lovely to win :-)
For those who enjoy paper piecing this beauty was made by my friend Carol for her daughters 25th anniversary and she hand quilted this huge quilt with all those seams , she is a better woman than me lol!
This quilt was made by Norma , the front is lovely but the back is what really is incredible .
I had Lesley and Karen pull it back so we could see just a little of this incredible work .  Norma made this for her sister and I say I want to be one of her sisters too , she has made one for each of her siblings .
A little celtic cushion and a lovely log cabin .
Last year our little Tuesday Quilt group exchanged pinwheels and this is Joans finished quilt . I didn't get mine made yet , it is on the design wall so you may see some progress soon . I just love what Joan has done with her blocks . We are now planning on another exchange , this time it will be snowball blocks , should be fun .

 One of Gloria's incredible minis , she has such patience . She also made the cutest little cards with minature log cabin block but that photo was too blurry .
Down one side , isn't mister snowman adorable 
Some of our Christmas display :-)
This beauty was made by my friend Sharon , she made this for her daughter and her husband who are both sailors .
Some results from the Convergance pattern , and next to that is the attic windows class , I unfortunately didn't finish mine . I guess you can't do it all or maybe you really shouldn't have so many eggs in one basket ;-)

I liked this scrappy quilt , great way to make a quilt and make use of what you have .  I should have taken a picture of the purple quilt right next to this as that was the winner of the viewers choice , it is a lovely hand embroidered quilt and done by one of our newest members Anne , how wonderful . Oh she also owned this star quilt as well as the scrappy 16 patch beside it ,

Sorry I don't remember whose quilt this was , but I was so happy to see this as it was one of my favorite quilts to make , it was our BOM a couple of years ago . 
 Well sadly that is it , for a few more photos you can stop by to visit with Linda  or Karen  , they have both shared a few photos . Hope you enjoyed the show , it was truly a lovely show and lots to see , this is just a drop in the bucket of what was there . Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you day is extra special .
 Hugs Sheila


  1. Hello Sheila! What fabulous photographs of some stunning quilts! What a lovely show! :) x

  2. There was a lot to see this year! Those convergence quilts were special. I'd like to go back and take them in a second time! You did a lovely job showing the variety. I think we photographed almost all the same quilts! Thanks for making it such a special day - it's not every visitor to the show that gets a personal tour!

  3. Lots of lovelies!!! I like the last one the very best. What is the name of the pattern? Thanks for sharing the photos. Always looking for more inspiration.

  4. Beautiful quilts. I love seeing what your guild displays in their quilt show. Hugs,xx

  5. Lovely quilts - thank you for showing them, Sheila! Seeing what other quilters do is always inspirational.

  6. some really lovely quilts... so fun to see them...

  7. Thank you for sharing these great pictures. It was such a wonderful show with so much to see!

  8. it was great show...such diversity. I have to say ,those mini's won my sincere admiration! Looking forward to next year ...and maybe some extra grammie time if the girls are on the track again. Nice to meet you all ,and see you next year!

  9. Lovely Sheila - thank you for sharing your pictures. Some stunning quilts there, you have a great group. xx

  10. It looks and sounds like a fabulous show! Thanks for sharing the pictures Sheila!

  11. They are very, very, very, very beautiful! My greetings to all these ladies! thank you for showing the photos.