Friday, September 11, 2015

What I have been working on ... and an upcoming postcard swap :-)

I know it has been a while since I posted , blogging seems to have taken a back burner for me lately  , I apologize as I also haven't been visiting much either :-(
 My trip is coming up real soon , less than two weeks away now and in preparation for that trip I have made myself some cozy pj's in flannel . I won't have Bill to keep me warm and I am such a cold ol gal ;-) My sisters and my Mom are really getting excited now and we are down to trying to decide what we need to pack . I did go out and buy a new jacket which is weather proof and has a hood for those showers we are most likely to encounter while in Scotland and Ireland .  Want to see a picture of my pj's , they still need buttons , I have tons of buttons but none that will work here :-(

 Lovely pink and so soft , they will feel wonderful I am sure . This is a Kwik Sew pattern #2811 and I have made several pairs from this pattern over the years , I love them .
 I am also working on my mystery quilt by Kaaren of the Painted Quilt , have started the long process of cutting the strips for the braid border , lots more to go for sure but this had to be set aside so those pj's could be completed .
 I have had a few inquiries as to whether there would be a postcard swap in the near future , well yes there will be but I will need to schedule it for when I return in early October . If you wish to give me your name and address etc . now that will be fine but I will not be sending out partners names until after my little trip . It takes me a fair amount of time to set this up and I simply do not have that time right now but in the mean time you can start your postcards to send out lets say by the 20 of October .  If you are real smart and get it made now I will get things set up as quickly as I can and they can be in the mail even earlier . Lets make the theme whatever suits your fancy , it can be fall or whatever creative idea you might have . I will need your mailing address , your email address and your blog address if you have one . I would really appreciate this info in a form I can cut and paste , it saves me a ton of time, thanks .
 And now for a couple of nature photos I have recenty taken , this is one of my favorite roads to travel on so peaceful and the trees draping over the road way is a lovely canopy . This is pretty during each season of the year .

Along this road way I came across this fungus growing in an old tree trunk and couldn't resist taking the photo.
a little closer view 
I find these facinating , the simpliest things make me happy .
This was also growing along that road way and I used my macro setting to take this picture , the bees were loving these bright yellow flowers . They are fairly tall plants ad I have no clue what they are ??
Off now to start on my border that comes before the braid , I will update you later as to my progress , oh yes I did go with the churn dash blocks for the corner stones which I am quite pleased with . See you later and thanks for stopping by , I will try to be a better blogger .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Your PJ's are terrific. Love the color. They look snuggly. Your nature pictures are pretty awesome.
    I'll be happy to participate in your postcard swap and will mail you my info. Have a wonderful trip. I've done Ireland and it was fabulous sorry I missed Scotland. Looking forward to your recap and some terrific photos.

  2. how did I not know that you're going to Scotland and Ireland? That's awesome! I hope you take hundreds of photos to share with us. And one in your new comfy jammies, too.

  3. I love seeing your pics of where you live! Have a wonderful time on your trip.

  4. Ok, I'm jealous now, not only do you have lovely pink pjs but you're getting to wear them in Scotland and Ireland. Have a wonderful and amazing trip and take lots and lots of photos.

  5. Love your PJs. What a wonderful holiday you have coming up. Love your beautiful photos too x

  6. It sounds like you are in for a wonderful travel experience. Happy Trails. Count me in for the swap. I'll send my info.

  7. They look like the perfect PJs to have for your trip! You'll have such. Great time...will await the stories!

  8. Nice pj's. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  9. Those pj's look nice and snuggly Sheila. Your fungus looks interesting - I love finding things like that. Will send you my details for the swap. xx

  10. Hope Rob had a fabulous birthday.. Your mystery house quilt is lovely..
    oh those PJs do look cosy.. Have a wonderful holiday..
    Would love to be in a postcard swap again and October sounds great as I will be home mid October. Will that be okay?

  11. You will be a beautiful and warm pink girl!
    I wish the journey of you is wonderful!
    I watch a series on TV called "Outlander". It shows the fight of the Scots against the English invaders. It is mixed fantasy reality. I always remember you looking at Scottish customs.
    I'm longing for an exchange of cards! I'm in of course!
    Have a good weekend!
    I wish joyful preparations for the trip.

  12. Oh you must be so excited about your trip. My mother, aunt and cousin did that trip last fall. It was the most amazing trip that I have ever done. Hope to see it again some day again. Have a great trip.

  13. Oh you must be so excited about your trip. My mother, aunt and cousin did that trip last fall. It was the most amazing trip that I have ever done. Hope to see it again some day again. Have a great trip.

  14. Love the pink Pj's. Love the nature photo's. Hugs,xx

  15. Hi Sheila, the pyjamas looks great, exciting that your trip is getting so close!! I would love to take part in the postcard swap so will email you. Have fun!!

  16. lovely pj's... have a wonderful trip Sheila... I'm sure you will. I love your postcard swaps and I treasure the ones I get but with my move I think I will leave it this time.... I would hate to not be able to send...

  17. The countdown to your fabulous trip begins! Love your jammies! I'd never have taken the time. Enjoyed your nature photos. That pretty orange flowered plant is called Jewelweed.

  18. well it looks like you are just about ready to leave...... have a blast with your mom and sis enjoy every moment. I would love to be apart of you swap as well . I can email my info to you
    in stitches