Friday, April 8, 2016

What I am working on today :-)

Good morning from a very wet coast of Nova Scotia , it is blowing up a gale outside and the rain is coming down in torrents so a perfect day to stay inside and sew :-)
 As I mentioned previously I am doing the Craftsy BOM for 2016 designed by Lynette Jensen . This month involves some applique which I do enjoy doing so I started yesterday getting things ready , all the pieces have been cut and ready to iron on and the stems have been cut and ironed .
 Here is a section under the needle right now , I have one sewn already and will need to prepare the other two once I finish with this one .
My granddaughter Elise helped me choose fabric for the stems on Saturday , I think she did a great job , it worked perfectly with the leaf fabric . The pattern uses two different fabrics in the borders which I really didn't care for so I am using just this white fabric and I think it will work out just fine .

I also prepared my 15 blocks for FM stitching but unfortunately didn't get a chance to actually try any stitching , just too busy and I want to be able to concentrate .
They are very colorful as you can see and each section gets a different style of FM stitch .
Well I am on the run again so I will leave you with my little furry friend who visits our feeders along with the birds much to the dismay of our dog who dislikes him very much ,
This was last week when we had a freak snowfall , anything we get now I will call a freak lol . Anyway I just thought he was so cute , his head was covered with snow from digging in hunt for the seeds and looks like he found at least one :-)
 Enjoy your day and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Good Evening from Dongara West Aussie and it been wet and windy here too.Great for filling our water tanks...
    Beautiful needle turn Sheila and lots of pretty bright bloks there...
    Love that cute squirrel..

  2. Lovely applique Sheila! Hope you enjoy you free motion class... I have had a lot of fun practising mine.... a long way to go still but I am really enjoying the experience! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  3. Snap! Just spent today doing exactly the same with my Applique pieces and I went for a single colour for the background as well.

  4. Your BOM is going to be gorgeous! Lucky you to have such a good little helper. What site is doing the improv blocks/FMQ project? Oh, you're going to learn so much, you'll blow us all out of the water! Speaking of water, I hope Mother Nature realizes I'm coming home shortly and gets all the blowing rain over with! XO

  5. Beautiful applique Sheila, very pretty colours you have chosen. Enjoy that free motion range I call it as I do not always have control!! Lol!! Your furry visitor is so cute!! Novelty for us out here!

  6. Gorgeous applique. Have fun with the free motion. Such a cute little furry visitor. Hugs,xx

  7. Hi Sheila , such beautiful work you do, oh I love the little furry critter, hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  8. Still hot here Sheila....I think someone has stolen Autumn! Beautiful applique and sewing...very cute snowy critter x

  9. Morning Sheila....still a very dull day here. We got the rain and wind too...not as bad as you did though.
    Love your applique pieces, and anxious to see the FMQ blocks. I also love the red birds in your earlier post!!!

  10. Those solids make such a pretty piece.

    That is a lot of snow for April. I hope there are no more freak snows for you.

  11. Your applique is very nice. You're pretty far on that quilt; I signed up for it but haven't made one block yet. I was happy to see Lynette Jensen back.

  12. such pretty applique and great to have a personal assistant too.... we are so dry here - we need to share weather a bit? cute little squirrel..

  13. The squirrel made me laugh..he's just too cute. I prefer your direction with the BOM, using the white background. Love the FMQ blocks.....lots of colourful fun.

  14. I love the colourful blocks. Cute squirrel!

  15. I love the applique! Do you mind me asking how you do it? Do you use freezer paper and turn the edges or use a fusible? Good luck with your FM project and I love the colorful blocks.
    Stay dry ;-)

  16. I loved the colorful blocks! The application work is also very cheerful.
    I'd like to see squirrels in the backyard here but they do not exist in my area. they exist in Brazil but not here.
    Congratulations on your beautiful seams. You have worked hard!
    A warm hug!