Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Here you have it my little landscape all completed , I just have this pinned on my design wall so it may look a little crooked and you may see a few stray threads but I was tired when I took this and perhaps I should have taken another but there you go .
I love doing these landscapes although each one is a bit of a learning curve for me , choosing fabrics is a little tough at times and if I was to start this one over I would choose slightly different fabrics but you just never know when you are starting what it will actually look like when you get it all sewn together .
The sun is shining and it is quite hot 25C here today ,so nice after the cool weather we have been experiencing lately .Hope the sun is shining in your world.
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  1. That is beautiful, Sheila! I love how you can take simple pieces of fabric and put them together to make a landscape. All I can say is "Wow!" I love it. You are a very creative person! :o)



  2. I think it is lovely. And part of the character of the batiks in general is the difference in the fabric from one area to another even.