Friday, July 9, 2010

Crazy Quilting Friday

It's Friday again , the weeks just fly by lately .It has been so hot here that very little sewing is being done but I did manage to get one crazy block done this week , all purples this time or shades of that color ,I love that dragon fly fabric , I have very little of that left so it is nice to use it as the center piece of this block .Hope you are staying cool where ever you are or warm if it is cold ;-) It is going to be another scorcher here today so I'll be getting what has to be done early and then relaxing .
Thanks for stopping by .
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  1. Sheila, the block is gorgeous. I just found this site you might enjoy.

  2. That dragonfly fabric is lovely Sheila x

  3. I love looking at your and Betsy's crazy quilt blocks...this one is as lovely as all the others! That dragonfly fabric is so cute!

    Stay cool!



  4. I love the block too. Haven't done much crazy quilting! I should give it a try.

    Stay cool. We are now down into the mid-eighties, but very, very humid :(

  5. That block must be for me hey Sheila.:) heheh. Very lovely. Couldn't beleive it was Friday again.Seems like it was just yesterday that i showed Mum your last Fridays block. The dragonfly fabric is very cute. Hugs, Jeanette

  6. Lovely block, dragonflies are lovely, I love the fresh floral too.......... hugz from Bubz