Friday, October 14, 2011


It felt so good to finish off the Mystery quilt that I decided it was a great idea to join Marina in Quiltober  ,my aim is to finish quilting these two quilts , the first is the Tisket a Tasket  which was a free BOM with Bunny Hill designs a couple of years ago , now I have the binding already sewn on and some quilting done but there is still some that needs doing so that is first on my list .
I hate to admit it but that binding has been on there since May as I wanted to have it in the quilt show and I really didn't think they would notice too much that some of the quilting was not done so now you can understand why this is on the priority list ,what a slacker I am. Then there is the Row By Row Christmas quilt a free BOM on Fat Cat Patterns last year .I have had the top completed and did start some primitive style quilting with embroidery floss probably in April and none since , it is hard to sit with a quilt over you in summer , or that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it . 
You can see my needle and thread still in there waiting for me to tackle this job again and I really want this before Christmas so lets see if I can do it . Give me a push won't you . 
I also want to share a postcard I received a couple of days ago but forgot to share , I was taking part in an exchange and the theme was leaves and I received this really unique and creative card from Jaynie in Sask.  ,it is the card on the right ,not that it would take a genious to figure that out ;-0

Jaynie describes her card as an Andy Warhol style ,thanks so much Jaynie! Now for the card on the left , I was teaching my friend Diane to make postcards on Wednesday and we both made the same style of card , the log cabin block with Christmas fabrics. Now if you knew Diane and myself neither of us like paper piecing but  infact you might say we REALLY do not like it but this is how this card was done ,did we have fun doing it , sure :-0 Too bad I didn't have my camera with me or I could have shown you Diane's as well , it was lovely you can take my word on that.
 Oh hang on I do have a rather unique picture to share , ready  okay I have to go get it first.
I know this is not a great photo as we don't own a telephoto lens which is what you really need to get a picture like this, but can you spot the albino deer in the upper right hand corner , if you click on the picture you may see it a little better , there are two deer there but the albino is the larger of the two and we think it is a buck . They came out of the trees just as I was about to have lunch and I told Bill and off he went with camera in hand across the field and got as close as possible without disturbing them , what a lovely sight to behold, the albino has a brown head , just handsome. I know it made my day to see this oddity in nature .
I'll leave you with a quote I read today ,not sure where but it is a great one .
"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home"- Twyla Tharp 
How true is that statement !!
 Enjoy your day creating and thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Lovely quilts, Sheila. I never did finish my tisket/tasket quilt. The blocks are somewhere in my sewing room!

  2. looks like you are having lots of fun you will def. get those quilts finished. And what I shot of that deer...rare to see one of those...

  3. Love the quilts! Those santas are so cute! And cool pic of the albino deer! I saw one once but I didn't have my camera with me. The one I saw had brown all over it like a paint pony.

  4. so glad to have you joining us quilting this month... we will get things done.... great to see the deer.. thats pretty special...

  5. The quilts look great. Glad you are joining in quiltober. The deer is pretty cool. Hugs,

  6. Good luck with your quilt finishes. They are both great quilts.
    How lucky you are to see the deer. It looks beautiful.

  7. Love your tisket tasket, I gave mine a wash yesterday as I am thinking about gifting it. Your row by row looks very sweet too. Consider yourself to have received a gentle push. They will be lovely finishes. Amazing deer, looks like he had a super hero mask on. he he

  8. Sheila, those quilts are too nice not to be finished..
    I love when you post about postcards, it's inspirational for us..
    The photo of the albino deer is incredible.. Nature at it's best..

  9. Your quilts are beautiful.

  10. I like the sounds of Quiltober and wish you luck in finishing your projects.

  11. Hi Sheila,
    You do keep very busy making all those beautiful quilts.
    Thank you for your kind words and your prayers for our little Lucas.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  12. Lovely quilts Sheila and good luck staying on task. Great to see your little white deer.
    I love your saying and it applies to me on a regular basis.

  13. Those quilts you are working on are beautiful - good luck with finishing them.
    An albino deer - how amazing to see.

  14. Your quilts look lovely, good luck with Quiltober. The albino deer is amazing.