Thursday, October 20, 2011

A wet Thursday

It is raining heavily today and they are telling us we could get as much as 60 mm the last I heard ,anyone know where I can find an ark ? Since it is so darn wet outside I have no choice but to sew , I mean wouldn't you . So what am I sewing today , nothing too exciting really , my grandson Isaac will be 5 later this month and is really into Cars , the movies and everything related to it , he can rhyme off all the names of those vehicles and has been doing so for a couple of years ,some I can't even pronounce but he recogizes them all .In my visits we have played cars many times and of course he always wins the race ;-0 So I have some cars fabric left over from another project I made for him a while back and just enough to use for the cuff of a pillowcase so that is my project for this morning , I don't expect that to take all that long so what's up after that I am not too sure at the moment. Oh I have plenty to keep me occupied that is no problem but for now this is a priority as I have to mail it off to Saskatchewan, I'd rather be going there to deliver it but since that is not possible right now it will go in the mail .
 Before I go I must mention the new icon I have placed on my sidebar , it is a really cute free BOM  over at Rana's life , just click on the pumpkin and it will take you straight there , you will enjoy this if you love fall themed projects which I certainly do.
 Thanks for stopping by and if it is sunny where you are enjoy it , I'm enjoying the rain  ;-0 hugs Sheila


  1. raining here too I am finishing the quilting on that little boys quilt today. Can't work outside; right???? lol

    cute pumpkin button...

  2. It's raining here in Michigan too and very gloomy. I am going to have to pull my other sewing machine out of the closet as my machine that I broke isn't done yet. But these days do make good days for stitching.

    I think your grandson will love what you are making him. I love the Cars movies too!

  3. just cloudy sew far today. I can just see all those hugs in that quilt for Isaac, he is just going to love it. I think you willhave it done in no time at all sew he will have it soon.
    in stitches

  4. We had rain yesterday, and today it's windy and cool. I'd like to be out walking, but instead I'm waiting for the phone to ring. I discovered that BOM a coupld of days ago, and I'm going to get started today!

  5. Goodness. Where has the time gone that Isaac is turning 5? He'll love the pillow case.Hugs,

  6. we have a day of rain promised after a few warm days that threw me right out. It's lovely hearing the rain patter.
    Cute fabric for your grandson's gift.

  7. I hope that you didn't wash away! It rained here last night, and I'm setting out to go cycling, so I'll probably get a bit muddy. I bet your grandson will LOVE the quilt!