Friday, April 27, 2012

The postman arrived :-)

If you love a rainy day come on over , it is just dreadful , rain and wind and yuck. However the postman arrived with a delightful surprise for me ,the first one arrived on Tuesday morning on my way to quilting , sorry I just have not had two minutes to post. My friend Annette surprised me with this sweet postcard , I love sunflowers so this is  just perfect and oh so creative .
 Don't you just love it , it sure brightens a dreary day :-) Thanks so much Annette  .

 Today I was going to head down to visit my parents for the weekend but my body thought otherwise and I guess this weather is a huge part of the reason so I was feeling a little sad about not going when the mail arrived and Bill brought in this little package for me filled with the most gorgeous wool pieces and aren't they sweet the way they are held together with buttons.
 This wonderful surprise was from Cyndi , you sure made my day Cyndi , thanks so much I will sure enjoy using these in upcoming projects . Cyndi knows how much I love wool :-)

 I had a busy week , on Wednesday I had my first ever try at teaching a workshop for our guild , I was worried that I would not be up to the task but I think it went well , everyone achieved success and I think they enjoyed the afternoon . I have never had so many questions thrown at me at the same time before and I hope I explained things well enough. I am not that comfortable standing up in front of a group but it did make it a little easier that I knew them all . The pattern we used was designed by Annette of In stitches and Seams  and she gave me permission to teach the class , thank you Annette , I know the girls all loved your pattern.

The name of the pattern is Crazy for Candles , a lovely variety of colors in this group . Great job ladies !!
 In preparing for this class I made a candle mat as well but mine is not quite finished , however when I made this before I had a block left over so decided to turn that into a mugrug and practice this months FMQ , I did not have a good marking tool so had problems seeing my design however I think this is a really great way to put some wonderful designs on our quilts , in the areas that I could see well it was an easy way to FMQ , so don't look too closely but here is my little sample .

I also have a second Christmas item for this month , the first being the snowman stitchery I showed in the blog hop and then just today I finished off this pillow top .
 Oh my it shows up the scratches on my old church bench , Luke our dog loves to get up here and ask for a treat :-) Anyway this pattern is by This and That and is called Comfort and Joy , cute pattern .

 The last time I was home my Mom asked me to finish off a baby quilt she had started , the top was complete and it was all sandwiched but she didn't feel she had time to quilt it , I have nothing to do don't you know ;-) , so I brought it home with me and I got it quilted on Sunday as I was at that time thinking I would be going back down today but that is ok I will take it the next time.

I took this picture yesterday when the sun was shining beautifully , see the grass in the background , it is getting so green and lush , just gorgeous , you can almost see it growing .
I think I have kept you long enough and I really need to go anyway ,time to stretch . Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a wonderful day .
hugs Sheila


  1. love the little bundles of wool something you can play with untilyou are feeling better. sew glad that you and the ladies had a great class ...looks like they all have very beautiful candle mats to use in there homes
    in stitches

  2. Lovely postcard from Annette; those little stacks of wool are wonderful!
    You have been busy...candlemats and you quilting look fantastic

  3. Those are very cute bundles of wool, especially since I love buttons. Very creative. Congrats for teaching a class, good for you! Wish I could have come. I haven't found a guild I'm brave enough to try getting involved in around where I live so I don't get to learn and sew with others (in person). Anyway, have a nice weekend!

  4. Lot's of lovliness to show today Sheila. Love the cushion & the ladies candlemats. They did well & so did you. Hugs,

  5. love all the candle mats... well done with tutoring.... and the little bundles of wool look great.. such fun... I do like the postcard and all the other goodies you made.... lots to see...

  6. lovely gifts in the mail Sheila and i love your xmas cushion and well done on teaching,everyone looks like they are having fun.xx

  7. well done on your teaching appointment. Next time will be even easier. Looks like the girls made lovely mats.
    Your postcard is just so beautiful. I love sunflowers too.
    Your cushion looks great too.
    Hope you get some sunshine to lift your spirits.

  8. Beautiful post card! Fun bundles of wool and a big woo hoo you go girl on teaching a class! That's wonderful!

  9. That is a lovely card! And congrats for teaching the ladies. I bet you were a wonderful teacher...they sure looked happy! Love your pillow and wonderful quilting for your mom. Loved reading about all the exciting things you are doing!

  10. The sunflower is wonderful! Good for you for teaching a class and I'm glad to hear it went well. What will you do with the little wool bundles?

  11. So many lovely things to see, your tutoring looks like it went well. Love your Christmas pillow.

  12. Lovely postcard from Annette....
    What lovely little bundles of wool from Cyndi..
    Great job of tutoring sheila.

  13. Congrats on your first teaching gig ... the candlemats look great!
    Lots of lovely projects to share :)

  14. Congratulations on a successful class. It isn't easy moving out of our comfort zones.
    Lovely cushion, I never thought of that as a Christmas Item - good idea.
    Sounds like your postman is as wonderful as mine.

  15. Your blog is always so inspirational, with the neat gifts that you get and the nifty things that you make. What a nice postcard! Lucky you.