Monday, September 3, 2012

Good for the Soul :-)

On the shores of Nova Scotia the sun shone brightly yesterday , the breeze told us that fall has arrived but the air was fresh and pure and yes good for the soul. Bill and I set off just after lunch for the small village of Fishermans Harbour ,I had never ventured this far on this shore so  it was an adventure . Port Bickerton and Fishermans Harbour have  a rugged coast being on the Atlantic Ocean you often deal with fog but thankfully there was none yesterday and our view was perfect .Would you like to see some photos of this rugged beauty ?

 In these areas of the province you will see lots of little wharves for the fishermen to dock their boats . You will also see plenty of these .
Nova Scotia has some of the best lobster to be found , the Atlantic Ocean is cold so the lobster is tastier in my opinion than warm water lobster ,yum!

I am not sure what type of seaweed this is but it is a lovely golden color and really was pretty with the contrast of the gorgeous blue skies , don't you love those wispy clouds .
This photo shows the color a little better plus the lovely rocky coast , did I tell you I love rocks , well here is a really neat one I just have to share .
Can you see the layers of different colors , probably not that well but it was so neat , you may be wondering if I took some rocks home , well of course I did , none this large of course but I was so impressed with the number of really flat rocks , I mean as flat and smooth as a piece of paper so I did take one home with the plans on making a welcome sign . I only found one very small piece of blue beach glass which surprised me .

Can you see it way off in the distance , well just down this gravel road about 1.8 km. is a lighthouse that is open to tourists , unfortunately when we arrived they were closing for the day but they did allow us to take a photo .
This is a little different shape lighthouse than I am accustomed to seeing but lovely all the same. We plan on going back someday to see it when it is open so we can explore inside.
And just so you won't think I gave up sewing entirely I have started working on this small mini from the Fon's and Porter magazine for May/June .I have all of the applique completed as well as the little pieces for the border just need to sew them all together now ;-)
 I hope you enjoyed my Sunday along the shores of Nova Scotia and I hope you have a wonderful day doing something good for the soul !!
hugs Sheila


  1. thankyou for sharing Sheila,beautiful country and i love your block.xx

  2. What a stunning spot on the globe you live in!!
    Love your photos and your block!
    I'd love to join you on another trip / adventure.


  3. Nova Scotica is such a pretty place sheila. One thing our little town has in common with it is the lobsters.
    Pretty block you are working on..

  4. The Nova Scotia beach looks really lovely. It looks very peaceful and quiet. I've never seen a lighthouse like that one before.
    Thanks for sharing your pics. I really like to see pictures from other parts of the world. :)

  5. I recognize that mini. Looking good Sheila.

  6. Very beautiful Sheila. Love seeing photo's from your part of the world. Love the mini. Hugs,

  7. You live in such a pretty area... thanks for sharing those photo's - I feel like we have had a walk together..... lovely block you are working on...

  8. love the photo of the wharf. So much character.
    Your new block is lovely. Did you machine applique the pieces?

  9. Oh I SO agree about the lobster...also salmon tastes better too! Enjoy the sunshine while it's still there. Great pic's! :)

  10. thanks for your comment your pics; and that Fons and Potter that!

  11. I really don't need any more convincing to come to your beautiful location. That trip is very high on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!!

  12. I have just checked my dear friend's blog, Linda's quilt mania and see that you won her draw!
    So pleased for you and ironic that I'm heading to Cape Breton on the 16 th for 3 weeks. We are planning on traveling the south shore and visit friends in Moncton, NB.
    Your pictures of the coast are beautiful and make me more anxious to get there.
    Enjoy your prize

  13. what a lovely little trip you both took. Great pictures as always Sheila, you have a good eye
    And the smell of fall is in the air here al well.... not ready for it yet but it is on the way all the same.
    in stitches

  14. I love a rocky rugged coastline Sheila and I loved seeing your photos. What a beautiful place.
    Lovely stitching as always.

  15. That looks like a scenic, relaxing trip! Wonderful block that you're working on.
    Have a great week,

  16. Delightful photos! Thanks for a nice little vicarious tripšŸ˜Š