Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer is not over just yet

Yesterday was the most delightful summer day , the sun was magnificent and the temperatures rose to 24 C. and it was a little on the humid side so felt warmer than those temperatures .So what is a person to do on such a lovely day but go visit our son and his family .
This is the view from the road where my son lives , overlooking the village of Mabou .
We are heading to the beautiful beach of West Mabou where the sand is as soft as silk.
 Isn't this gorgeous , a very long stretch of sandy beach , this is just one direction there is just as much to see in the other direction and as you can see is pretty much deserted .
 A few brave souls venturing into the cool waters , Shauna said it really wasn't all that bad once you got in and the girls didn't find it cold at all .
 We sure enjoyed our time with them and listening to the ocean waves lapping on the beach , so relaxing .
 Other than our visit I have been spending countless hours trying to recoup some web album space ,very time consuming but hey I have learned a lot in this process and will do things differently from now on .
Hope you enjoyed your short visit to Mabou and have yourself a wonderful day .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Beautiful photos and the water does look inviting..
    I can't wait for it to warm up enough to go dipping again...

  2. Beautiful! Will you be affected by Leslie this week?

  3. Beautiful pictures it all looks so peaceful.

  4. Lovely photos Sheila - it looks like a beautiful spot to live and a special day.

  5. what beautiful pics Sheila and nice to spend time with love ones.xx

  6. What a pretty spot and such lovely photos of your family. Nothing like a nice beach in lovely weather.

  7. Hmmmmmmmm, gorgeous!!!! We had a Dutch hot day yesterday, maybe to end the Summer: 28 degrees C. Today 10 degrees less, superb stitching weather hihihi!!!! Hugs, Daniëlle

  8. Mabou looks lovely. What beautiful blue sky and the water is just so inviting.
    We are having really heavy rain here today - not too nice at all. I think summer has finished this year.