Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday

On this rainy day in the Maritimes ,what am I up to , well not what I would like to be doing . Recently on Connies blog , Quilting by the River I read a post about sizing our photos for blogging , she gave a link to check to see how much storage space we actually have left , well I did panic when I discovered I was at 99% usage . I had no idea that I needed to resize my photos and at one time I used picasa to download the photos but the newer version did not have that button available so I have been using my pictures which apparently is a very bad idea . I spent the past hour trying to delete some photos to make room and will need to learn how to resize before I put them on this blog , any help would be greatly appreciated , can you tell I am not computer savy :-(
 So a little update on what I have been up to other than deleting photos , I am working on a few things for the Dots to Dots blog hop coming up very shortly , are you ready for it ? Here is a sneak peak of a project I just started .
What do you think it is ?
 I am also in the process of finishing up my little mini quilt from the Fon's and Porter magazine for June . I am loving it so far.
Since I am a little nervous my blog may just crash I will limit the photos for today , Help!! I am linking up today to the Needle and Thread Network with Monika , be sure to stop by and see what everyone has been up to .
 Have a yourself a great day and thanks as always for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila


  1. You always use such great fabrics for your applique..

  2. I use PhotoShop to resize my pictures as does Connie. She's going to publish a list of free software for doing the same thing. In PhotoShop, it's really easy. You open the file from the camera, crop it, and then choose the "save for web" drop down under "File" on the toolbar. Then a window comes up where you can choose the dimensions of the picture in pixels. When you choose one, and decide on the "quality" level, it shows you how big the resulting file will be. For the web, I choose anywhere from 400 to 1000 pixels, depending. The resulting file with a quality of "medium" usually comes to 35-80K, which is a lot smaller than 2.1M

    It will be a similar process in the free software too so, stress not. It's easy.

    ps. remember to rename the new file, so as not to lose the original picture. You might want it to change something or print it or whatever.

  3. Your dot to dot fabric is so cute, can't wait to see what the block is.

  4. You can still use Picasa to download photos to your blog, if you want the "steps" to do that and resize, let me know. I resize them quite small, but once they are loaded, I make them xl, no worries about space, no worries about renaming, no worries about learning a new program...
    And I love your applique...

  5. I don't know what your peak preview is Sheila..a stem and flower??? hmmmmmmmm....please let me know where to check the storage for blogger....I have no idea about the size of my photos.

  6. You little mini quilt is beautiful!! Great job. Guess I will have to go read Connie's blog to see what you are talking about exactly as I use Picasa all the time.

  7. IS that a duck beak and eye??? love the flowers... I'm interested in what others say about pictures... I resize on my blog like Susan Being Snippy does...

  8. I resize my photos in Microsoft picture manager first. I compress them to 'document' quality before uploading.
    Be careful about deleting photos from your storage as it may also delete them from your blog.
    cute sneak peak and your mini is gorgeous.

  9. i love that mini Sheila,well done ,i also love the Fons and pons mag.x

  10. well I think I better go and find out how to check that out..... thanks Sheila
    I like you peak and your mini looks great.I hope to get some sewing started on Thursday. off to check out Connie's blog
    in stitches

  11. Hi Sheila, great tip about the storage, after a quick panic I am all okay, phew, and Connie's blog is fabulous. How great that she has done a post for you to show how to resize!
    Personally I 'export' (this is a button in my photo editor program) my photos when I have edited/cropped them, which changes the size from say 2-3mb to around 200kb and saves them to a dedicated file on my desktop. I am using a pc and found that 'resizing' with my photo editor distorted them, don't know why, daft thing!

  12. Your projects looks lovely, I just finished that same applique pattern!