Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Friday !!

When you live on the East Coast of Canada you never know what Mother Nature has in store for you , yesterday was a beautiful sunny and mild day after a very heavy rain storm the evening before which caused some local flooding , today , well it is back to cold weather and snowing.It looks like a snow globe outside , rather pretty but not what I like to see about now ,I would like spring :-( March is not my favorite month of the year , the weather changes are never good for the bones and you are never quite sure how to dress but we are half way through so we can always hope things will change for the better real soon .
 Now it might be a nasty day outside but my day was made brighter by some mail from my blogging buddy Annette of In stitches and seams  .Annette is a wonderful friend and always willing to give me a hand when I am stuck with my quilting , she has a vast array of talents . Here is what was inside my package a little green just in time for St. Patrick's Day .
A lovely green dishcloth and scrubby , so sweet of you Annette , thanks a bunch . Also inside was some buckram , I make postcards as you know and several people had mentioned they used this for stiffening in the cards and I tried locally to find it but they do not carry it at our local store so she kindly sent some to me to give it a try .  Annette also included the Country Register newspaper , this is a wonderful publication with lots of interesting articles of what is happening in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba . Since I have a son living in Saskatchewan I love reading this , so thanks for including these papers Annette :-)On the very bottom of this little pile is a print out of my Autumn bounty quilt , I asked Annette for some suggestions in how to quilt it and she has kindly done some sketching in the picture with suggestions for different areas of the quilt , You see that is one area of quilting I lack skill so I really appreciate the help , now if I can just get the courage to get at it ;-)
 I am still working on my nine patch + blocks , almost finished , I took a break to work on these two blocks
This block is the Aurifil BOM for March , I did make some fabric placement changes as I didn't much like it first but by adding the pink in the last round it worked out wonderfully in my humble opinion .  I also completed this simple block .
A fence rail block which is this months addition for Quilt Doodle's BOM , check it out by clicking on the icon on my sidebar . This is such a simple block to make but really can be so dramatic in a quilt.
 What else have I been doing you might ask , well I completed my project for the upcoming blog hop by Mdm. Samm " Stitch me Up" , I think it turned out rather cute but sorry you will have to wait on that one as I will have to wait until my day to share :-) Have you all been following along with the Nancy Drew Blog hop , wow that is a fun one,I was a huge Nancy Drew fan as a young girl , also loved Trixie Beldon ,I loved to read so would be a regular visitor at our local library just waiting for the next book to come out .
 I recently won a giveaway from Cath at Bits and Bobs, I know I took a photo when it first arrived but for the life of me I can't find it so it must have gotten deleted , however here is a photo I took today of the lovely fabric and tassels that Cath so kindly sent to me .
Thanks Cath , always nice to receive a squishy in the mail :-)
 Time to see if I can get the sewing machine to sew those nine patches together ,I would love to get that top finished . Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you can take a few minutes to be creative .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Wonderful gifts and blocks, Sheila! It looks like you're all set up with bloglovin!

    Happy Quilting!

  2. Wonderful blocks snd gifts Sheila. The weather had been so unpredictible this year every where.

  3. Love the blocks. Lovely gifts. Hugs,xx.

  4. lovely blocks and gifts in the mail.
    Like the way you have put your 9 patch blocks with your farmer's wife blocks. It is going to be a great quilt.

  5. The way time is flying by... it WILL be SPriNG before you know it!!!
    Nice blocks too! :)

  6. So fun getting squishies in the mail even if you are having crazy weather....
    love the blocks..... have a great weekend...

  7. lovely parcels you have received in the mail Sheila,love your blocks.I cant comment on your blog with the new bloglovin so i had to go back to the old google reader,i dont know why,its only a couple of blogs that i cant comment on.xx

  8. good looking blocks.
    you got some nice things in the mail. I am really loving crochet dishcloths. I wish I would have discovered them sooner.
    What a great photo on your header. Too bad it is snowing again.

  9. Love your Aurifil block..the fabrics are wonderful! I saw your postcard on The Raspberry Rabbits blog...congrats on a gorgeous postcard- you were inspired by Michelle and she was inspired by you. How cool is that!

  10. Great blocks and some nice squishies in the post too.
    I think we are having crazy weather all over the world...

  11. Always fun to get happy mail! We had the same weather here this week! Absolutely beautiful here today though!

  12. Great blocks! The fence rail block is fun to make. This is going to be a neat quilt.