Thursday, April 2, 2015

Some mail to share

The sun is shining oh JOY and hopefully the snow is melting .It actually looks like spring today if you don't look at the snow that is still piled high in our yard .
Anyway onto more pleasant thoughts like wonderful postcards that arrived in the mail . In my little exchange I had two partners , I didn't have any at first when I was assigning names but once the request went out I had several offers and I chose the first one who was Janet and the second one was Jo as she is new to postcards and I wanted to have a newbie to swap with . I have shown you Jo's postcard here but today I will share Janets card which just arrived yesterday .
Isn't it lovely , some beautiful swans , Janet was saying she wasn't pleased with her results but I think it looks fabulous . Thanks so much Janet .
 Then today I opened the mail and there was a surprise postcard from Linda at Scrapmaster , I love surprises and I haven't even emailed her to thank her yet but Thanks so much Linda I love it .
Since my postcards have now arrived to my partners I will share those with you too .
This one was sent to Jo , a purple bunny , aren't they all purple, this friendly little gal has a purple posey and some painted eggs to share  lol .
This Easter basket went to Janet , I guess I had a thing for purple that day . I had fun finding fabrics for the eggs .
 Thanks to everyone who took part in the exchange , I hope you have enjoyed it and have received your cards by now or will very soon . Remember to post them on the Flicker page which I have now placed a link on my sidebar , check it out , lots of lovely postcards on display . For those who have never been in an exchange it is so much fun and so easy to do so why not join us the next time we swap .
 Thanks for stopping by today and incase I don't get back here for a while I wish to take this opportunity to wish each of you a very Happy Easter .
 Hugs Sheila


  1. I see spring is in the air .... or at least your mail box. Lovely post cards all around. Happy Easter too.
    in stitches

  2. Great postcards - both coming and going in your mail. It won't be long before we are all complaining about the summer heat. lol

  3. Love the swans and the fox!!!! those Easter pieces ar so cute

  4. Beautiful postcards. Especially the purple ones. :) Hugs,xx

  5. What fun postcards. Love the purple bunny. Happy Easter!

  6. a lovely assortment of postcards..... have a wonderful Easter...

  7. Your postcards are so cheery Sheila. Love them and the ones you received are beautiful too. hugs.......

  8. Hi Sheila love the swan postcard,it's so pretty and the bunny ones are so cute,I enjoy seeing all the different ideas that people come up with xx

  9. All the postcards are gorgeous... They always give me sew many great ideas..

    Have a Happy Easter ,!

  10. Love your postcards. I have never made one but would like to try. Happy Easter.

  11. I think the swans are lovely and the background fabric works so well. Linda's card is beautiful too as are the ones you sent out. I'm looking forward to the next swap! xx

  12. Awesome postcards! That polka dot bunny is just too cute! It was a great swap. Thanks!